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adventures in the small press

As some of you may know, I am the editor-in-chief of a small press, seen to be
"upcoming" in some circles and probably "uppity" in others. It's a full-time job, and a constant learning experience.
The primadonna factor is less than I thought it would be...which is a good thing. I've never had a nasty letter from a prospective writer, and only a few have groused publicly. One of the most enjoyable things is making connections. As editor, I'm the guy that makes first contact, and often I'm selling the theme of the anthology to the writers, as we are not exactly a high-paying outfit. Our business model is just moving beyond crowdfunding.
Recently I was involved in the startup and execution of a charity book, to benefit an author friend who needs much dental work and has poco dinero. We expected a dozen or so pieces and a quick issue.
We ended up with a two-volume set, with a surprise late-hours entry from prominent horror author Jonathan Maberry to cap off our delight, and a table of contents to rival any work on the market.
The lesson of Pandora's box is not unknown to me, but that has certainly driven it home.
Do not calle up that which you cannot put downe. :wink:


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