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Adult kids and Appreciating them

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The last week has been busy, and very rewarding. I have been training for a Spartan Race, ten miles through the woods and 30 or so obstacles. My kids both compete in them and for Father's day as a gift they signed me up.

Last Sunday I ran 7 miles with Russ on woods trails, he is my size but ten pounds lighter, I had him carry ten pounds in a back pack to make up the weight difference between us. He agreed saying he was going to kick my ass anyway, so would be glad to do it as part of his training. Into mile 4 he let me know I needed to lose some F n weight. During the week with Cathy and I ran in my back yard doing 4 1/2 miles up the creek bed with a waterfall climb in the middle.

We have always been an active family, both kids have been involved in sports at the semi pro levels. Over the years I have run and worked out with both of them many times, yet for the first time this past Saturday I ran 8 miles with both of them doing 10 burpees every time we hit a mile mark. It was in some rugged terrain and the hills were long and steep, as I gasped for breath, heart pounding away and ready to burst, I had to listen to both my son and daughter chat as they ran down the trail as though they were on a evening stroll, reminding me how far yet I have to go with my training. This was the very first time that the three of us had ever run together. Making it a very special day.

We are signed up to run the Spartan Super in Barre Mass Aug 13th http://www.spartan.com/en/race/detail/1302/overview

and at Killington Sept 17 and 18th Russ and Cathy are doing the Beast and I am doing the Sprint the following day. http://www.spartan.com/en/race/detail/1523/overview

It has been a great way for us to grow closer together, there is a reason to call and talk with each of my kids a couple of times a week and spend time with them. Our next day together is to practice throwing spears together, it is one of the events in the race. How in modern times does it get any better than a day of throwing spears with your kids :}

I have come to appreciate my adult children in a way that has been truly rewarding.


Remember when 50 was considered geriatric? The truth is use it or lose it. Don't use it and you'll lose it. Preaching to the choir , I'm sure. You are a role model by action.
Kevin at 57 I am in the old guy class, Russ is 37 and Cathy is 35 both of them, though they compete in the Elite Class are too old to be considered competitive.

I do know, it takes everything I have to want to train at the end of day, eating right is killing me :}
Kevin;bt6862 said:
Remember when 50 was considered geriatric? The truth is use it or lose it. Don't use it and you'll lose it. Preaching to the choir , I'm sure. You are a role model by action.

Yeah, certain ages don't seem to be as old as they sounded.
Heard that the first person to live to be 150 has already been born.

Anyway, awesome stuff, keep up the good work!

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