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This was written for my friend Adele,
and with her encouragement, now
shared with you.

You gave it your all
you gave your best
It’s not your fault
It’s time to rest

Rest from the stress
that guided your life
distance yourself from
turmoil and strife

You tried to fix something
that didn’t want to be fixed
and over the years
there’s been plenty of tricks

Create a new home
rebuild with new dreams
your next journey’s end
can be all that it seems

But this can’t replace
the pain in your heart
heartache so deep
it tears you apart

You love the man
but now he’s changed
through no fault of yours
you've become estranged

You have friends who care
and will see you though
know you’re a good person
and never doubt you

Let the second half
of your life begin
bright future and grandkids
with God and a grin


Thanks ROP,
Glad you liked it....Adele and I were hoping
others would like it as well, and relate to it...
I started blogging, new concept for me,
just to get the words out. The poems are
raw with very minor changes from the
originals in an effort to use everyday
language and not beheld to a higher poetic
standard or critique. Thanks again
I like your writing, it is an honest look at the world that sits around you. I also like to write in simple terms, rather than flowery language in my poems. You draw the reader in and paint the world as you see it. It has a lovely flow and it even rhymes. A wonderful read Tuesday, keep 'em coming. :D

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