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Actually, it can cause a mild rash

Why am I triggered? What level of trigger? Well? some... annoyed, yes, annoyed.

Take oeanuts , for instance. I am deathly allergic to peanuts. Should I insist they ban peanuts in all public venues? No more peanuts in airplanes, stadiums, bars, or in snicker bars. Why? Because they hurt me. If I were to eat one I woukd surely die.

And yet there are many who would insist that we need peanuts- that their choices to eat and use peanuts are more important than my life. Those unkind people who feel that way are hurting me.

You see, that's when it gets annoying- when it gets goddamned ridiculous- when my sensitivity takes precedence, is more important than everyone else's choices. Can you deny peanuts hurt me? Do you really have to eat peanuts?! Your support of peanuts insults me. Why do you insist on hurting me?!

How triggered am I?

Not very, not enough to scream and cry, and walk around pouting, or shouting, or bawling, and crying and carrying on like o m gawd, people are just so mean!! They just don't care! I'm the one who cares and you should care for me, as much as me - what if it was your child, or your sister, or you?! We all need to end the peanuts!

If you can't see the ridiculousness of this, then I don't know what to tell you. I guess that is the difference between us. You would gladly give up peanuts- ban them, even- make it a law- to support me.

But I would never ask. It would never occur to me. That would be too much. It would be ridiculous; an unreasonable request.

Peanuts are just a nut- a legume, actually, not a nut- and there is nothing inherently wrong with them. I'm the one with the issue- not them. So why would I insist they be banned?

I wouldn't.

Just put a warning on the package- or a list of ingredients. I think everyone can agree that they want to know what they're eating. It's sort of like informed consent- and that's good enough. That way we have a choice. We can keep our choices.

And if I see a peanut, I won't eat it.
Thank you.



If peanuts were outlawed only outlaws would have peanuts.

I agree there should not be any need for assault style peanuts or any large bags available but to anyone in the military. ten peanuts per bag should be plenty.

Also there should be no loop holes for buying peanuts at peanut shows without a background check. Peanut users should all be registered just for the safety of everyone else.

Kevin, sometimes I miss the points of some of your blogs, thanks for making this one so clear to me.
The problem nowadays is that there are so many serious allergies to so many foods it would be indeed be ridiculous to try and ban them all. My grandson is highly allergic to cashew, mustard seeds and pistachio nuts... and at one time lupin. All I ask is that food manufacturers and caterers label their foods correctly and if they don't be accountable if someone has a reaction/dies.

There was a case recently where someone died due to negligence on the part of the caterer's failure to label their sandwiches correctly. AND, at Christmas, my daughter had a chocolate log cake specially made so our grandson could eat it. Imagine our horror when we opened the box and noticed some of the decorations included pistachio nuts. I would not like to be a fly on the wall when my daughter complained.
Why are people dying with allergies anyway? Has this happened before? I supposed this could explain mysterious deaths throughout history. Maybe King Tut was killed by an allergy to sand. One never knows. Or Cesar wasn't assassinated, he died because he was allergic to the wool in his toga and his death was a giant coverup by the wool industry. The black death was caused by an allergy to soap. I suppose if we quit eating and drinking we could rid the planet of this allergy scourge.:lol:

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