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A Wood Pigeon called,

For some time now, as I'd stood at the kitchen sink, I'd noticed sparrows fluttering down onto the ground. So close to the house that I couldn't see them and for the life of me I couldn't think why. We don't feed the birds for fear of encouraging rats. So what was it? I wondered. What was drawing them? Right up to the kitchen window almost.
Well? Earlier, today, as I stood at the sink, doing some washing-up, a Wood-Pigeon flew down and settled on the fence close to the house. Nothing new there, It happens. But this time it to flew down and settled, seemingly, below the kitchen window.

Overcome with curiosity and wanting to know why, what exactly was going on out there, straining, I stood on tiptoe, putting my face as close to the window as I could and would you believe? No surprise really I suppose.
There's crappy old plastic bird bath right against the wall. It was a gift to the wife. Might even have COME from "It's a gift ". A cheapo store in town. It's shaped like Oyster-shell, on a stand about a metre high. Eighteen inches in diameter perhaps. Well there was this Wood-Pigeon perched on the side of this old bath, him and I, the two of us, eye-balling each other through the lace curtain. I don't know if he really knew I was there. Would likely be more concerned about the presence of feline visitors but he to drank his fill then left.

I really had no idea. This grubby little piece of plastic. lined with green slime, containing a small amount of rain-water that must have been there since May, has been offering some small relief to the small birds that visit our garden.

I have since washed out all the slime, filled it with clean water, and shall take pleasure in knowing that I am helping those guys in my own little way.

And all because a Wood-Pigeon called.

Life eh?


Just one of life's little reminders that we're not alone in this world and yes, I thought the experience was delightful. Pleasing.

Thanks tinacrabapple.
Eyah... One of them birds was complaining the water was too hot, another that they miss the green, and why aren't there other colors like down the block? Birds, man...

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