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A story I wrote for the local paper this past week

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[FONT=&quot][SIZE=+4]A Track Day at Watkins Glen

[FONT=&quot]The following is an account by racing enthusiast Bob Brown of Montour Falls regarding his experience at Watkins Glen International racetrack during a Track Day -- a regular learning event for a diverse group of drivers.[/FONT]
By Bob Brown

The story is here if your interested
Here [/FONT]​


Bob, for someone who's only interest in cars ranges from getting to point A to B in town, consider it a great compliment that your article kept my interest and at home with you in unknown territory. One great article and hope you write more to share.

Take a ride with me around the track; the first lap is to put some heat in the tires.[/FONT]

I did! And my heart fell to my lap! Laurie~

Laurie, thanks for the kind words and taking the time to read it. If anyone asks, I'm telling them you and I went for a ride in my Corvette :}
My blood pressure is up- in a good way. Enjoyed... I bought wifey & junior tickets ( with an instructor) to the track last year. *boom* -she got vertigo shortly there after, but your article reminded me. and I asked her just now if she were ready to drive now. She said yes. I'm excited for them.

Driving skills are even more important than swimming, or boxing. Jmo. Thank you for sharing. Thoroughly enjoyed. K

well written, by the way... Pro imo
I admire you guys that get that adrenaline from behind the wheel. I've had my share of vehicles in the air, and in a ditch. But those days are behind me now.
Kudos to you. The technicals involved in your "pursuit" are awe-inspiring.

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