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A snapshot of empty

Empty room,empty house,empty, me.
From my bunker window,
men in hi-viz vests,polish i think,
tread scaffold boards,tap'tap'tap.
Home improvements,
running repairs,
house maintenance,
all on-going and doing good.

My walnut tree,
i started cutting all of a pop,
now only half done,
forced by the weather to stop.
Mud,and rain,and aluminium steps,
at my age you have to take care.

Larchlap fencing, has taken a hit,
not mine i'm pleased to announce,
it has been there forever,
and it's time to replace,
good luck to my neighbour,
he'll need it.

Dirty laundry and washing-up.
i really can't be bothered,
yesterday's dinner, another cup of tea,
oh empty,,,,empty,,,,empty,,,,me.

Half-baked attempt at writing poetry?
Nah,, don't think so.
A snapshot,
a moment,
in the whirrings of the mind.
My mind.
the question is,
how does one deal with crap like that?



interesting that these are all images of construction, things needing improvement or care. Think "one step at a time" is the usual answer to your final question.

wonder where examination of the person doing the looking would take you.
Images of construction,
and that's as far as i'm getting right now.
And then i read what some of you guys put out.:disturbed:
Well, I don't know how long you've been writing or anything like that. Everybody here is at different levels but we're all here to learn. Better to think about what kind of progress you can make or have made, rather than compare yourself to others who may have more experience.
my problem right now is that i'm trying to write.

As for how long?

Yes i've jotted things down,diarised,sort of.
Was encouraged by people, who maybe should've known better, and here i am.
( this place doesn't have an " embarrassed" smilie.

Before i got into this,
I'd go out sometimes, on a particular errand,routine shopping-trip, whatever, and i'd notice things, small insignificant irrelevances, minor happenings, people, situations, actions,interactions, etc. And i just wanted to talk about it,tell people, but in writing.

I think i need to step away from this for a while, i'm not in the right frame of mind. I've got a lot going on. I'm up tight, and my head feels so cluttered.

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