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a slightly scrambled train of thought

I haven't had much experience with writing fiction. I have made attempts, but have failed horribly in the past. So badly that I would just erase it and try to write something else. I know I shouldn't be so self conscious about my work, but that's a different conversation altogether. I am actually very proud of the story I am about to end.

I have become very emotionally attached to my characters. Maybe that's the key to a good fictional story? I've spent a few days letting them speak and act for themselves, and it's been a great experience. I'm guessing that my roommates will be happy when this story is finished, because I've been telling them about my characters (especially my protagonist) for the last two days. They'll be excited to not have to hear about it much longer.

But here lies my conundrum: I really don't want to have to kill my protagonist at the end of the story. I know it's necessary. It just doesn't work any other way. But as I am writing this blog right now, I have realized that it can be a beautiful thing if the characters are allowed to react in the way that they should (if that makes sense). Now I find myself needing a cigarette, and it's back to the word processor.



I had to kill one of my protagonists but i guess i wasn't so attached to her. Though it made me upset that i lost a good character... It really did open up a rainbow of possibilities for my second book.

Brent Weeks, a really good fantasy writer said this in an interview: "'...if you actually kill or maim a major character or two , the next time you put a major character in danger, readers worry.'"

It's funny, my main character is basically a more hyper me (not a good thing) and then the others have absolutely no connection to anyone i know. But i love most of them anyway.

My friends and your roommates could have a nice long discussion about about character-obsessive authors. But they've put up with it for years so i guess that's a good thing. :)
I like it. I actually had a tough time killing him, not because he had similarities to me, but because of how much it affected his friend who's life he saved. I like that Brent Weeks quote, though. I'm gonna keep that in mind

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