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A self-help book by John Parkin

I'm tempted to buy a copy. A local book-seller has it in stock right now.

It is, I think, I hope, it would seem, a way of teaching, no , coaching, one's self in the practice of not looking back.

That's not to say that you should ever stop caring but, with the best possible intentions, when things go wrong, or seem to be going wrong, " fuck it " basically. You can't change what has gone before. Move on.

I can't/couldn't ever see myself adopting such a strategy for living but if it could influence my thinking in some small way it might not be such a bad thing.

The trouble with me is that I think too much. I can't simply live in, and enjoy, " the here and now ". I allow myself to be haunted by the past and feel threatened by the future. The words " rock and hard place and immovable object " readily spring to mind. Too readily unfortunately. So what's a bloke to do?

Giving the matter some thought.


Perhaps you've noticed that I often use "Onward" signing off.
I hereby gift it to you. If you say it enough, as a mantra, it will ingrain itself into your attitude.

Try it: "Onward, dither"
Really? One word added to signature? It's a word, not even an action.
I was going to say " in my dreams " but even that doesn't happen now. It is what it is sas.
I think too much, too, lol. Or at least I daydream too much. I don’t think too much “thinking” results in as many problems as I got myself into.

You sure you need a book, though? There’s plenty of shorter articles, youtube videos, and the like that make the same points quicker. Plus, at the risk of preaching, the problem isn’t so much not knowing what to do, but doing it. In other words, it’s something you have to read into yourself for and change according to what you find. Like losing weight. All sorts of gimmicks based on how other people accomplished it for themselves, but it might not work for you.

Either way, always good to hear someone trying to improve themselves.
I haven't a clue with social media and yes I know it's all " old hat " but I loved the title of the book, the series actually, and so I've been out and bought a copy. As for any chance of my taking anything from it, apart from a good chuckle, I'm in my sixties, what do YOU think??
I've started the book and I can't believe what I've read so far. Such absolute drivel. Complete and utter nonsense. It's not even funny. I feel like some hapless victim of a practical joke only this joke cost me money and I shall just have to chalk it up to experience I suppose.

Life eh?
Thanks PW,
might just look into it.
Will see if I can track a copy down but that " how to line " is intimidating.
click on the link and you can read it on line, it is just a pdf file and would be just like reading here on the forum. It is only 200 or so pages.
Back in 70s, for work, I took Dale Carnegie course. Still relevant, along with his book.
Sas, still mandatory for reading for all my employees. I give that book credit for most of my financial success some of it for my personal success, but I was a great guy before I read the book so don't give the book credit for everything :}

Gosh, with that consideration, I'll personally have to give the book credit for everything. Damn. Smiles.
I'm not sure that your book is what my searching is about and the thought of your being a great guy, I can't/wouldn't want, don't think I could carry that off. My concern is seeing the years that I have left out with some kind of peace of mind. Saying "fuck it" as that silly book I bought advocates isn't exactly, although maybe it is, more or less, what I had/have in mind. I can't/won't/don't want to, don't see the point of attempting such a personality upheaval at my age. I am what I am. I'm just finding it all a bit tedious and hard to live with right now. Maybe it's just a phase.
Plasticweld;bt11285 said:
Sas, but I was a great guy before I read the book so don't give the book credit for everything :}

Such self-belief I could never have and would never want.
Sorry PW but that just isn't me.
Dither I work every day at being a great guy, it does not come without effort. Some days I'm a jerk, some days not. but I do get to choose who I am at the start of every day.

So do you!

Your words are a tell: "would never want" (self-belief).

So stop telling us you are miserable when you love it, want it, crave it. Such a tired attention getter.
Apologies sas,
I do try, really.

That's a lie. I don't think I ever DID, try.
I bought the book. That's really all I wanted to say. Comment on it's contents of course, as I have. What was I looking for? Oh I don't know. Some kind self-validation/justification perhaps?
And then, maybe it's like PW says, or at least suggested, I think, somewhere, it's something you have to work at and as with most things, maybe I just don't want to go the extra mile, make the extra effort.
I suppose I have no right to feel resentful. I just gave up with out trying.
I have clicked on that link that PW provided and am attempting to read it but the scrolling down is giving me hell. Although I kind of get, am getting, the gist of it, the "yes buts" are stacking up. Sticking with it for now. It's all food for thought and can surely do no harm.

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