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A Sea Shanty Poem

Bumbling Burrow

In bumbling’ burrow of barrowill wood
Where the bumblebee Bernard was mumbling
An oath of a groat for cutting ones throat
While kicking a juggler jugglin’

“I swear I will kill’ ‘im,” he spat while a-swillin’
And croonered a pooch name of saphron
The swirls of her hair shished shoulders of pearl
As she pranced by the splash of a lantern

Now Bernard’s big belly was fizzlin’ and swelly
Cos he’d gulped down a pig in a ploughman
And a rollery hip was givin’ jip
As he oooozed from the stooool by the barman

One jiggle o’ lard in garb stuffed wi’ cards
Saw our frigate a-tillin’ for harbour
While her smothersome lips took dainty we sips
At a spirit that wasn’t her starter.

Well saphron had spotted poor Bernard Bee sotted
As he ploughed betwixt Erics and Chandlers
While with hot coals in her eyes and a tongue that defied
Bade keep off to the dogs and their handlers

The quake in thin lips slipped south to thick hips
When our vamp entranced Bee with her fumbling
And her serpentine paw made his overdraft more
As she winked at the gentleman juggling
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