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A Place Dropped into Our Lap

So, just when we'd resigned ourselves to waiting a year before house hunting again, using the time to build credit scores and fixing up this place, one of our friends came to me and said, "Are you still looking for a place or have you found one?" When I said we hadn't yet, she said, "Would you like to buy our place? We're moving to Texas and we want you and your family to have it."

I couldn't believe my little ears! I joyfully said YES!!! Their asking price is well within what we were looking for. Of course, we had to figure out how we were going to do this, as the credit score thing was still an issue.

We had applied for a credit card at our credit union just a week before and got accepted to our surprise and thrill for a small limit, but hey, it's a start! Took a whole month for the card to get to us since it didn't get processed like it should've. But anyway, we got it.

While waiting for it, I did research on loans for mobile homes. Wow, what a headache! I started to think this wonderful dream would stay exactly that. But then, I found a handful of places that fit our needs - more or less. It dawned on me, our chances would be much better if my husband went for it by himself. His SS and pension eclipse what I get for SS and his medical debt was much less than mine.

Cleaned up his debt, and am waiting for that to show on his reports. On two it has been cleared. TransUnion seems to take its time about it. One lender told me it has to show clear on all three places. So I hope it'll show clear by next week.

Not going with that lender for the purchase loan, though. Maybe in the future for refiance if we aren't happy with who we do finally select. They want a much higher downpayment and credit score.

So, the card came last Friday and I used it to get a new keyboard as my old one was on it's last legs . . . keys falling out and some not working. I can do this () now! :) Anyway, I refrained from checking our scores over the weekend - not wanting to see that nothing new had happened yet. Monday, I broke down and checked hubby's first . . . . and nearly fell out of my chair! Between the new card and getting rid of the old debt his score went up 72 points on EQ and EX and about 55 on TU. 55 because those two accounts still show there, as I say. My score went up also, not quite as high as his did, of course - still, way higher than I expected, I must say! So, both of us are in the range now where we can apply for most any kind of credit and be sure we'll be approved. Snoopy dancin'!! (Wish there was an emoticon for that!)

Naturally, Vermont has some funny requirements when it comes to buying/selling mobile homes. We need to get a Vermont Mobile Home Uniform Bill of Sale that we apparently have to have before we actually apply for a loan. Seems odd we'd have to have that when nothing is final yet but . . . whatever. We have to drop off a copy of that document to the town clerk 21 days before the sale . . . and send some sort of finacial statement to the Secretary of State. What??? Before the sale you say????!!!!! Secretary of State???? Gotta find out more about that one.

In any case, we are looking at a three or four month long process. That long because Jon has to go in for neck surgery next week and he won't be able to travel for two or three months. Gives us time to fix up this place and start looking for a buyer - I hope that doesn't take too long. Be extra time to improve our scores even more.

Aaaand add to our savings - which is the motivation for me to finally jump into the paid promo game. Also a motivation to rummage through the closets and cabinets to see what I might have to sell on eBay. Or donate, or just trash outright. The less we have to pack and move when the time comes, the happier I'll be! And this will likely be the last time we will have to move.

Can't wait!!!!

And yet, we will miss our friends so much when they do finally go. Sort of a bittersweet deal here. I know I'm going to be feeling their presence in the place for a long while after they're gone.

Thinking, too, it will likely get us out to Texas for a visit next year! Wow! A real traveling vacation!


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