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A New Transition

It's been a while since I've been writing poetry lately and I still haven't been able to get back into the rhythm at all. But while I had been sulking in finding inspiration in writing I had a better idea for a novel. I am not sure if it has been done before but I thought I'd travel to South Korea to write this book you see it's about this half Korean half Ethiopian that wants to be a Kpop star and it centres around Ethiopia first and while most of the story flies around there it's about the trials and tribulations getting there. I was inspired by the song Lo Siento by a kpop group called Super Junior and it was cool to me, I have never heard of Kpop before and I thought wow this could work. But now I need to know if this story is even worth exploring as I have to do some extensive research on this, maybe going to South Korea is a bad idea perhaps so tell me people if it works or not, I mean it's my story and going out of my comfort zone to pen something I have no idea of is interesting to me.


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