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A New Project/Impromtu Mini Rant

Hey, everyone; are you warm and cozy in this cold weather? It's just a little chilly, don't you think?

Christmas break has come to a close and everyone is mourning going back to school, so what better time than to start a new and hopefully regular blog series? Boy, the holidays always give that rejuvenating push that makes a person feel invincible. No complaints, though!

As the winter goes on and school gets more intense after everyone's brains wake up from vacation (be honest, it takes at least three days for the vacay-brain to go away. Utter bliss), the schedule may fade a bit until summer.

The great thing about feeling powerful and resilient after the holidays is that most people are ready to tackle work once more after getting over the initial feeling of dread that vacation is ending. It's time to face the truth: a great portion of the population enjoys working, and the other percentage does too, it just takes more motivation to get started.

In summary: Vacation is great, vacay-brain is hilarious, and in the new blog series, I will be reviewing other articles unprofessionally. Please leave feedback in the comments, because like all people, I need to work on sharpening my writing. If you would like to be reviewed, also leave that in the comments! Have a great day, stay warm, and drink hot chocolate because it's amazing.


Hey, everyone; are you warm and cozy in this cold weather? It's just a little chilly, don't you think?

Cue response from our antipodean members: "Nah, mate, it's hotter than a shearer's armpit down in Brizzy!"

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