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A Mad Poets Revision

Here is my revised poem from the Grand Poetry Competition

Negative Space (revised)

unseen spaces, distorted faces
sin-stained silhouettes
insincere regrets
the miasmic tide of doubts hovers about
while skeptics shout “God is Dead!”
as they walk, run, fly, and float, amongst
shifting clouds that drift downward towards
that fate filled fork in the road. It sways and
swings to the left,
on the path most travelled-

God splits Itself in two...
and its dark side
becomes legion---
spreading chaos and discord to
those sinners and saints who refuse
to bend to the will of either God or the devil~
the corrosion of time gnaws away
at their bones, as entropy waddles and
whittles its way through the negative space
it calls home-

it’s in the air we breathe-
it’s in the thoughts we perceive-
it’s neither here nor there and yet,
it seems like it’s everywhere-
it fogs the mind and chips away at hope,
it turns doubt to dejection and despair-

the chaotic din muffles
the faithful voices of those chosen few, who
claim that they too,
have the right to be heard-
but their pleas are trapped in those
spaces unseen, where the devil dances the jig,
to the fractured melodies of the fiddler’s tune-

and yet hope wiggles its way home,
as it squeezes, squirms, and wobbles,
in-between the cracks,
for those who still choose to believe.

(a poem by Robert F. Callaci)



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