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A Mad Poets Dreams

I've revised "the Weeping Willow" found in the poetry competition. It was not that good. The 7th stanza was messed up. I think I fixed it . It has a better meaning and flow.

A Weeping Willow (revised)

Willow, Willow, don’t you cry
no need to atone
in this hellish home of
sin, sex, and bone-

~don’t be afraid my little baby girl
daddy loves you more than you’ll ever know~

Willow, Willow, no need to hide
the big bad man has gone up and

~kiss me in your dreams while I eat
and gnaw at your heart-
even in death we will never part~

Willow, Willow, why do you continue
to suffer so? No need to ever again
be a part of that nymphet
and master daddy show-

~You’re my little pet and the keys to your gilded cage
will forever be in my dead rotting hands~

Willow, Willow, what’s to become of your fate?
a childhood robbed by a pedophile’s hate-
innocence lost at the hands of a smiling monster
do you even care--- to forgive yourself
or even dare--- to get out from under his grip
you’re no longer his to own~
---or do you cower in the dark--alone--where
only broken dolls and bandages
litter an unkempt room filled with tears-

~Willow, Willow, Willow; come join me in the dark
no one will ever love you the way that I do... come to me,
come to me now...I have a place reserved just for you~




It's supposed to be- it's about the monsters that lurk in this world. Children everyday are prey to these monstrous perverts. This piece gave voice to such a monster and the emotional and physical scars a child has to bear for the rest of her life.

the poetry comp prompt was "suffer the children" . and the willow in this piece will suffer for the rest of her life if she doesn't learn to forgive herself for something she never did...

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