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A Mad Poets Delusional Writings

This is an old series of mine that delves into different types of form poetry- I call these my Circle poems or an ode to Dante-over the next few months I will be shoving these poems down your throats. ;)

(The nine Circles of Hell)


On the crooked path
Uncontrolled desire
What you sow is what you reap

“A Lunatics Paradise”

In Hell below
Where chaos rules
Do the wicked go
Fire and ice
Wind, hail and rain
Will be the bane of your suffering
No comfort will it give

All who enter here
Are forever damned
No forgiveness will you ever receive
Hellfire will ravage you IN day
While hellfrost will bite you in nite
Over and over forever and ever and ever

Fear, despair and hopelessness
Will be your constant companions

Oh what evil men and women do
Now all that evil we will do to you

The Nine levels of Hell

Dante’s Lake

In God we trust
In that we must
From ash to ash
And dust to dust
Just a little
Is not a lot
It brings on sin
And doubt and rot

Let faith and hope
Bring with it sight
To show Gods’ light
In all its might
The angels soar
The demons roar
In Dante’s lake
Thy Fate Awaits…


Dante's Lake... There is a very dark beauty in this poem... destruction and despair.. hell yeah... but dark beauty.. oh yeah! rcallaci.. fabulous work...

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