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A lot can change in a year, but somethings never change

Many things can change in a year, four seasons have passed us by. Only 360 days I think, such a small looking number when it is wrote down.

This time a year ago I had just been discharged from hospital and I could not walk very far, I had a completely different job, my situation was precarious as some of you may remember. Now just 360 days later I no-longer work in a kitchen but with small children, my novel has now reached 70,000 words and is still rising. I am more stable in my relationship, my finances and mostly my mind. However somethings never changed as I am once again couch bound with fever, headaches and muscle pain. Yet I have a smile on my face as I write this and realise just how far I have come.

Has our life changed in the last 360 days?


None of us know the future and so many cannot come to terms with that but if one thing life has taught me so far it's a journey only you will ever understand.

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