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a little tour of work


What's all this stuff?



They're Italian.


I don't know, because they're Italian.


So's the faucets.


Italian, and expensive.

Oh... Why?

Gotta fit the house. It's expected.

What's wrong with American?

They can't do the finishes.

Why not?

I don't know - they just don't. These are all computer- Robots build them. They're more precise.

Then how come Fiats suck?

Maybe they did- maybe they don't, now. I don't know.
The doors are all Italian, too.


The finishes on them, are. Don't touch it.



midnightpoet;bt14316 said:
Is this one of those doghouse size cottages on sale for 1 million-five?:icon_joker:
No... It's your more traditional 3 bdrm 3 1/2 bath, 12' ceilings, you've finally sort-of pretty much made it director's cut, one aspiring actress found od'd in the powder during a party, $6.9mil with excellent views of the city, conveniently located right off the Strip, Hollywood hills cottage, 4700' sq ft plus 3 car garage and pool w/ jacuzzi.
No actresses have been here yet ( far as I know).
Funny! You should post a picture. I envisioned a large suburban home with nice landscape and a pool. This is what my CA family's home looks like.
And when that house burns down in the next wild fire, there'll be wailing, gnashing of teeth and a dozen news copters circling overhead.
In other news, my nephew up in Paradise, CA (aka Hicksville that nobody cares when it burns) just moved into some 100 year old fixer. That all that's available, especially for folks of his socioeconomic ilk.
I'll suggest to him that he installs some Italian fixtures. I'm sure that will help.
Oh, but aren't so many Americans Italians? ;) They love pizza and pasta, so why not the cabinets and fixtures????
Neetu;bt14345 said:
Oh, but aren't so many Americans Italians? ;) They love pizza and pasta, so why not the cabinets and fixtures????
...and Lamborginis and Ferraris. :) Were all 'mericans here. Step off the boat and you're one, too. The great waves of Latins from Italy quit nearly a hundred years-ago.

They say pizza was invented here and spread back to Italy.
Lately, I've been eating Armenian 'zatar'.
I think the 'pizza oven' is a very old form; maybe ancient.

Our local sangak naan is pretty good, too ( thats's Iranian). Excellent, really, though I'm no expert. They cook it on a bed of of rounded pebbles- (shaped oven bottoms). Comes out the size of an elephants tongue; flat. I bring it home, and everyone likes it.

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