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A Letter from A Funeral Home

xiaoman;2000440 said:
I have been expecting the arrival of a package from Vietnam---the copies of my newly printed book. My editor told me that I should have received it two weeks ago from today's date. However, today, instead of receiving my package delivery notice, I received a letter from a local funeral home. It said that they had learned on July 1, 2016 the GST rate will increase from 13% to 15% in the province where I live in and the taxes payable on funerals will rise with it.

I know that living in Canada you have to pay taxes for many things, but I have never known that I have to pay taxes when I die.

Anyway, the letter advises me to think about planning my funeral, the benefits they offer, and how I might avoid a tax increase. They ask me to contact their knowledgeable staff who are available to answer my questions at no cost and with no obligation.

I have never thought of dying young, but now, after reading this letter, I understand more about life: life is short and death is sure. I may die at any time, who knows? So I guess that to avoid the stressful situation my family will face when the time comes, now I have to work harder to make more money, but the more I work the more I pay taxes...oh, life is not easy.


Our societal norm is expensive. Centuries ago, they'd have thrown me on a pile of wood, said something nice, and burned my body. Maybe they'd have crafted a cross and stuck it in the dirt, and threw me in with it, too. Now, there's insurance, bills, handling your spouses debt should they pass, or their handling yours. Your kids fight over your stuff when you're gone. It's all very complicated, mostly for the people who we leave behind. It's unfortunate. And yeah, the tax thing is like the cherry on top...

I say burn me in the back yard, and I'm leaving all my stuff to the cats.

I hope you get your expected package soon! And no more sad mail...

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