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A Joker's Heart

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A heart swallowed
by the dark
Leaves a mark
To the mind it's
Forever sore...
your eyelids
cross your iris
Till your sigh-less
How's time meant
to heal a scar...
Seams mend
to pull apart
When we see the
end then to a start
Or a start of an ending
You know you've felt before...
The endeavor never ceases
Picking up the broken pieces
While cutting deeper even more
Cause we keep saying everything
We've already said
like engraved
repeating in our heads
a battle each time set of course
a little more clever
than the others were
It's mean
what's the meaning?
it seems it's war
we put up...
A smoke screen
In streams before
We end Up
shits creek
without a paddle
neither one willing to add an oar
To vent or prevent
the battle SHIT!
b4 hour...
Ships sunk an drown
Aye destroyer...
Forgetting everything we loved
no moral
Nothing left i guess the impression pressed
I'm still smiling
But what the fuck am I still smiling for?


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