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a follow up to thing which was written - yesterday ?

this is something meant to follow on from the recent prologuey thing I wrote, but the style has Changed quit a bit
(less pretentious)

oh and I know its long but still - just read a little

Sam their friend was floating eerily a little overhead, his brown coat tails whipping round him in the wind, more shocking were his eyes, which appeared to have no distinguishable features. They were more a sort of haze of colour, softly glowing against the grim grey backdrop of the clouds around above him. The fierce wind brought by his storm was revealing how much too short his faded blue trousers were but at least his somewhat exhausted looking shoes were getting a well earned rest.
Fredrick, opened his eyes and looked up to him, this had been pointless; he thought, why had they even tried, a myth is for a bed time story and not for any sort of real decision, “Sam,” ha called up, “you may as well come down, - there’s no point”, hearing no response he sighed and got up from the ground, which was cold and wet from the rain, for a moment he just stood and looked around, they were still in the clearing by the river, not far from the home or from the point, the sky’s a short distance beyond them were virtually clear, it was a fine sunny day really. Looking back up at Sam Fredrick tapped at his toes, which were poking out of his shoe, roughly at the height of his nose from the afore mentioned exhausted shoe. There was a shudder in the air, the wind dropped so quickly it was as if someone had switched it off, and the rain, well the rain paused mid air. Sam blinked and the blue haze of colour fell with the drop of his eyelids, seconds later he fell directly and uncoordinatedly on top of Fredrick.
They made a noise something like a combination of a thud, grunt and a groan. The sort of noise you would expect from two mattresses falling on each other with the unfortunate addition of the crunching noise that came from Sam’s elbow involving itself in Fred’s jaw. Sam was first to clear the disaster area of failing limbs that was the two tall, skinny and apparently very flexible mass of limbs that the two of them had become.
“Why did we stop?!” he cried whilst Fred regained a more upright position,
“He stopped because he got bored, because we hadn’t heard anything” Susan said, she didn’t look up from her cross legged position, but opened one eye and had it survey the situation for itself. “and we didn’t hear anything because it had to be a real wind – natural otherwise the myth doesn’t work – “
“the myth doesn’t work because it’s a myth,”
“- before” she finished, ignoring her brothers interjection.
“myths don’t actually work my dear sister, that is why they are called myths” at this one of the pine trees performed a funny little flick of one its branches send a hail of pine cone bombs and pine needle shrapnel at Fred, once he’d stopped holding his head under his arms in self defence he ventured to look up and see that Susan was now standing beside Sam who had a smirk so wide it was competing with the river Flow.


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