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A Fictional Race

I have been entertaining musings of an odd race of sapient mammals, and never could give them a proper place in any species or work of fiction. I have finally come to a decision and decided to put it down to writing.

Given that this is a solid info dump, I thought I'd spare the creative boards and log my ideas here.

For all intents and purposes, let's call them Ddiog, a Welsh word for lazy. Why? They're sloth people. They are skeletally and anatomically similar to three toed sloths in proportion, fur, claws and shape.

The key differences being their size, and leg shape. Skeletally, unlike smaller sloths, their legs have a third joint in addition to the long claws, making them more closely resemble a dogs legs, but still completely flexible for climbing.

The Ddiog have several mutations and adaptations making them quite superior in strength and intelligience to other creatures their size.

They retain their long arm proportions, and their fur still grows toward the limbs in direction as opposed to away. They have developed tusks on their bottom jaw. The length and shape of their tails, claws, and tusks varies depending on heritage.

Intentional, guided adaptations have given them advantages over their smaller cousins.

The Ddiog can decidedly store energy or moisture, slowing or speeding up their metabolic rate depending on their environment. They are excellent swimmers, and can live nearly entirely in water, almost like otters, or remain ground dwelling or arboreal. The biggest difference, however, lies in their stature. Ddiog have developed to move upright, on two or four limbs.

They retained several species of insects and moss that live on their skin and fur. Many mages and monks have learned to manipulate plants and swarms of insects.

Most of the Ddiog live nomadic, tribal lives, but several of them have become talented engineers, doctors, or even scholars and mages.

They most often follow herds of species they can hunt, or are shepherds.

The common creature they shepherd is a species of domestic spiders. They are large, circular and covered in fur, and their organs, meat, and silk are nutritious with many health benefits. Their quick reproduction rate, climbing ability, and resilience make them excellent creatures for the Ddiog to herd.

The main philosophy of the Ddiog is humility. They view it as wrong to draw undue attention to oneself, or even use personal terms such as I or me. They respect life and will not commit any acts of violence on sapient creatures that aren't out of defense.

Aaand that's all I got. Hmm. I'll write something with one soon.


I like these Ddiog- draw a sketch of them -I would love to see them come alive....

my warmest

btw: my profile pic is quite happy- he wants to thank his creator for making him look cool, he sends his greetings as well and wants you to know he thinks you're quite a talented fellow an outstanding artist, poet and all around Renaissance type of guy..

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