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A Dilemma To Be Sure

It's very important that I have some sort of life beyond just my apartment and my job. I am content but not entirely happy. I have some material things but my home is very spartan for the most part and my job is really just a means to an end that is very far off.

I have a few minor projects. But beyond my writing there's not a hell of a lot I can do without someone's participation.

I've reached out to some people with whom I can have some sort of connection, even if it's a brief physical one that airs out a room or two.

Many of the social events in town happen in the evening. Since I work evenings those aren't really an option. A lot of the so called volunteer opportunities have the same challenge and they're just not things I could see myself doing. I just have to keep my eyes open and either something will come along, or the opportunity to make my own opportunity will present itself.


tinacrabapple;bt13632 said:
You may need to make your own fun when living in Vermont.

Unfortunately, the kind of fun I have in mind involves a cattle prod from Tractor Supply and I'm told it's illegal.

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