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A couple more poems...


Countless drips frozen
just before plummeting down
each drip stopped in time



Snakes have been known to
walk among the people as men
looking to shake hands


"Sophisticated Compliment To A Walrus"

Good Sir, I must say,
that mustache does compliment
your breath-taking tusks.


"Where did the good times go?"

I asked my friend, a creative fellow,
"Where did the good times go?"
He patted my arm, gave a playful elbow,
and said, "Oh, you don't know?
They're in the back, with the other dusty junk,
sitting at the table that leans.
They're playing cards, content to dream,
and they'll be the last ones to leave.


Still trying to fill out the pages. I think I'm having more success, writing more "keep-able" poems as time goes by. As always check out my Helium account for more of my work, there is a nice little ever-growing collection. Wish me luck!


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