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A cold day out

"Gammon joints,Gammon steaks,Rump steak and Sirloin.
Minted lamb,Leg o' lamb, Pork belly, anybody want a bit o' belly?"

He was almost singing it, but he wasn't selling so much as a sausage, he couldn't give it away, the passers by were doing precisely that (passing by ) , and had their hands firmly in their pockets, they weren't having any of it.
I kept my appointment with Frydays, but there would be no leisurely eating at a favoured bus-stop shelter today, lunch was taken very much on the hoof, en route to Morrison's, and when I got there, OMG;
Some Karaoke reject just inside one of the entrances blasting out "que sera". He was obviously holding the mic too close to his mouth, the guitar amplifier definitely wasn't a Marshall, and just to be there felt like a trip to the Dentist.
To say that he was poor would be to grossly understate the reality , it was embarrassing, it was cringeworthy, and I couldn't get my shopping done quickly enough.
Back to the market and Accordion-man was there again, this guy can play that thing and is becoming a regular feature, people were putting money on the ground at his feet, that stuff is so easy on the ear, and it lends itself beautifully the Saturday-shopping/ market experience, he'll do well here in the summer and good luck to him. I bought a cheap bag of spuds and lingered for a while.
I passed someone selling the Big Issue, i have on occasion bought a copy, but they have over time become less Big, and at 2.50. a throw, a very rare purchase, but hey! Live and let live.
As I strolled, making my way to the cornmarket and the bus-stops, I munched on a bag of Morrisons teacakes, 6 for 50p weren't going to break the bank, they'd be more filling than a bar of chocolate, and I was starting to warm to the day.
I don't know why but I seem to have become very aware of flowers growing in public places right now and the Pansies are looking tired, whilst at the cornmarket, a display of Primroses is looking nothing short of spectacular, an explosion of colours many of which I didn't know existed in the Primrose world. All I ever knew were those pale lemony things. Haven't THEY moved on.
Well, I sat for a while, glossed through my newspaper, munched on teacakes and eventually boarded my bus.
I went upstairs and in no time at all was away with the fairies, in the land of nod until the bus turned sharply and at pace out of a side-road onto a bust A-road, the movement sent me sprawling across the central aisle into the seat opposite, it took me a while to gather my senses, didn't I feel a prat, more cringeworthyness.:stupid:
The bus sailed on, and with light green hedgerows on each side, passing field upon yellow field of oilseed rape, summer is most definitely making an impact upon the the winter gloom, and not before time i would venture.:flower:



you and the bus shelter are becoming intwined....what a place to think and observe..yep
i observe so much sometimes,
it really is a "time out" for me.

Y'know? For a long time it seemed as though many of the bus-drivers disapproved of me for some reason, don't know why.
I AM a bit of a scruff/slob to be fair, I'm in my 60s and yet my hair grows over my collar, i shave once a week, if i can be bothered, and i DO tend to keep myself to myself, women especially, seem to find that creepy, and I'm sorry for that.

Y'know what? ( i keep saying that) I think so much, sitting at my bus-stop, and i often sit making notes, but i just can't make it readable.
Right now I'm struggling with my moods, feel like some pre-menstrual 40 something, but i wouldn't know where to acquire one, no but seriously, I'm all at sea here.
I so love tongue in cheek/fly on the wall writings, but it's so out of reach, i just can't do that shit.

I think maybe I'm not in the right frame of mind, maybe i never will be.:read:

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