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A Christmas dither: (language)

Maybe i'm a Mean, Selfish, Cold and Heartless, S.O.B. but even at THIS time of year i'm in my very own little bubble. " Getting on with things, getting on with life. My life". Y'know? Yeah well, maybe you don't, know.
It's not that i don't care or that i harbour grudges, bad thoughts or the like.

The whole family/friendship thing. Sending out cards/greetings. The giving of gifts etc. Bollocks!

Am i really such a bad person?

Old and tired to the extent that when i have a little waking me-time all i want to do is put my feet up, bust a can or three of juice and sit, lick my wounds. Wounds being those inflicted by age and my everyday working life.

I don't crave the company of my fellow man, or his brother/friend/wife /sister/whatever. Doesn't mean i don't care.

May seem a romantic notion but something, a line from and old film, "Paint your Wagon," Lee Marvin said, as the gold ran out and the whole town went down the toilet. When asked where he was going he replied, "where i'm going, you don't love thy neighbour, you leave the poor bastard alone. " I love that thought.

I don't think i'm a bad person really and wouldn't turn my back on anybody who was in a fix. Isn't that enough?

Okay, say hello, fook off, kiss my arse or whatever if/when we ever run into each other but this need to be constantly re-affirming and proving that you care,,,, at the risk of repeating myself, bollocks! And if that's a problem people will just have to deal with it whichever way they are able too good luck with that.

"God be with them? " Don't go there, don't get me started on that. Just,,, don't. Okay?

Rant over, for now.



Dither, Dear.. stoooopit! Stop analyzing yourself... what is wrong with being content with your own company, what is wrong with not needing chaos and confusion, drama and despair... what is wrong with preferring solitude over the company of fools... nothing, if that brings you peace and happiness...

I have, over the years, became very picky about who I allow in my inner circle, I have weeded out the negative drama seekers and now I have a close circle of very good friends... true, dependable friends...

And about this Christmas thing.... OMG... so commercialized ... it seems the mindset among some children, well .. AND adults is all about what they GOT for Christmas... NOT what they GAVE...
anyway, enjoy YOUR holiday the way that pleases you, and I hope it brings you peace... Love you bunches!

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