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NOTE: This story is true, but I have changed the names for no compelling reason whatsoever. "I was mad at you for fifteen years," said Joan. Tom, who was sitting next to me at the wedding reception, shrugged with open hands held out to the side in a "Who? Me?" gesture. Tom's wife, Kate, had a perplexed look on her face, as did The Missus. It was a surprising revelation, and everyone gave Joan their undivided attention. Kate was the first to ask, "Tom? Why were you mad at Tom?" Joan...
Secrets of the Bayou Jumping Jack Jimmy Jam Jones lived in a mud shack deep down in the bayous of Louisiana. Jimmy Jam was a Crawfish trapper. He made a living catching the little mudbugs with specialized traps he designed himself. He was a big man and was mean as a rabid wolf. He didn’t take kindly to strangers and was none to friendly on those he already knew. But he did love his hounds, Rufus and Maxine. Like him, they were as mean as mean can get. When you heard his hounds howling it...
Kentucky's landscape is filled with hills, pastures, caves and valleys. But those well-known aspects make one forget that lakes, marshes and swamps rule the unclaimed patches of land. Cranes and water moccasins dwell here too. Much of the land has watersheds and aquifers necessary for understanding the framework of this overlooked state. When the summer is hot, the air is muggy and dense. When the fall cools it down, the valleys fill with fog. And when the winter bites, the whole state...
First I want to briefly address a blog post you may have seen appear and vanish. I recently had a very harrowing experience, but it turned out to be alright. Out of fear, I turned to writing to calm myself. And just like always, writing stood me in good stead. But the post was disturbing and inappropriate for these forums, so I chose to delete it. It was not the kind of content I wanted to create anyway. Like war times, no time to question this crap, just carry on. Just one more...
Blathering’s I haven’t done a blog in a while, not because I ran out of idea’s it’s because I have too many in the fire. I plan on doing 16 more ‘once upons’. I’ve been drawing them, having a ball doing that and decided to do another series related to them. The ‘fiddler and jumping jack jimmy jam jones.’ I’m also still writing my android series- in the middle of the current chapter. I plan on doing 6 more chapters and a few interludes. I created a new character that I’m really excited...
Packing the suitcases and all the other 101 sundry items in the car is like trying to fit a quart into a pint pot. Mr P always insists on doing it his way. I watch as he tries to ram yet another square and oblong rigid shaped object into an oval-ish shape car boot. Of course, it won't fit. Not a hope in hell. NO, he doesn't want my help because it is NOT going to fit. Any fool can see it ain't going to fit. Not a hope in Hell. He rants on and on ... Note to self: Write a poem about male...
(NOTE: This is another post from my personal blog that no one reads) Spokane Valley, Wa – Drivers were shocked on their morning commute Wednesday when a trans bird fell from under the Sullivan Street overpass directly into west-bound traffic on Interstate 90. In an ironic twist, the bird was immediately struck and dragged several hundred feet by an eighteen wheeled tractor-trailer hauling frozen chicken wings. Paramedics declared the bird dead on the scene. Witnesses say it appeared the...