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7:03 am- corner of Vineland & Burbank

Vineland and Burbank

I suppose it's shining moment was the scene in Clueless where Cher gets robbed in the parking lot outside of Circus Liquor with the big clown on the sign. "Clueless"? How could you not know that movie?

I pull into the strip mall across the street. Stepping out I say it again : Smokers are pigs. Marlboro red box Marlboro 100s silver box - what the fuck, did this guy save them up?- red bull can; crushed, KFC cup, two KFC cups- oh yah, my kind of place- Wendy's bag, edge chewed out, catsup showing, cross the parking lot - what a fucking pigsty- pizza boxes overflowing the trash can - go in order sm coffee, banana nut muffin, stir in- Chinese? no... not Vietnamese, too early- two woman behind counter, she's the owner, yes, I would, two customers, Latino, laughing, friendly- regulars - Thank you, as I leave- no reply, they're too busy yammering, okay, talking...

Boy, what a pigsty outside, Fatburger cups on the wall- Oh shit, I have been here before, we've been here, at night- well, night-ish- came here for dinner- Hayat's Kitchen, Lebanese, not bad- and look, the rest of the row is Milly's Uzbek, some sort of Spa with an Indian name,"Praiya", a hookah lounge, an Armenian Market; "lahmajune boreks" with their lettering. "Zovk". Is that pronounced hard on the k? Hmm...

Geesus, what a pigsty, they need to clean up this parking lot.


I hope you are able to think about more interesting ideas soon. Maybe listen to a good podcast. I like The Daily from the NYTimes. But I'm from the east coast.
I listen to a talk radio host who crusades against litter. He even has family outings where he and his kin go out and pick up trash.
You describe the problem well, in horrific detail. That's what writers are supposed to do.
My reaction is also that somebody should clean that mess up. But, we're all somebodies.
Some places- I've heard- that the people there don't throw their trash in the first place. Makes me embarrassed.

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