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5th Month Summary and Writing Challenge Word Counts

Good evening,

I joined WritingForums on January 6th, 2016. Today marks another month. I am going to document my latest discovery. When I finished critiquing the CoF challenge critiques, I couldn't help but notice the word count in my word processor (Novlr). I looked back to the previous challenges between CoF and LM since March. According to my stats, this is what I have discovered since the official judging initiated.

CoF Critique Word CountLM Critique Word Count
Challenge Total:15,2245,402
Final Word Count:20,626

Guys, this doesn't include the posts across the boards. This is simply from challenges. Our community can truly become a boot camp for writers without realizing it. I am impressed with the counts. I am also looking forward to judging for both the CoF and the LM during this month. If my average is roughly 5K words per challenge, 10K per month, imagine writing a novel by the numbers within the next three months. Thank you. I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to grow as a writer.

Take care,



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