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32 White Horses On a Vermilion Hill

My friend Christopher was born with ameleogenesis imperfecta, a condition that essentially causes his teeth to rot and break much more easily than normal because they lack proper enamel protection. This condition has gotten so bad that the man can barely eat and suffers from constant pain. He lacks medical insurance, like so many of us. So we in the weird fiction community have gotten together to try to help raise the funds necessary to get his teeth fixed once and for all.
It would be great if you could help. There's a GoFundMe, which will help directly, and we'll be distributing e-copies of the books to contributors. Or you could pick up a little stocking-stuffer, and the ebooks are available right now.
Volume One
. Volume Two.
Or wait until the paperbacks or limited-edition hardcover are available, as budget allows.
Or share the urls.
These are not cheapo books -- they have top-notch prose and poetry by some of the best and brightest in the weird/horror world, including such luminaries as Silicon Valley's Philip Fracassi, best-selling author Jonathan Maberry, Stoker Nominee John Claude Smith, and an introduction by the inimitable Nadia Bulkin.
We would appreciate anything you can do to help. Thank you.


Both books became #1 New in the Horror Anthologies category @Amazon. At last look, they were #25 and #37 respectively, in All Horror Anthologies.
We are beside ourselves. I think sales of the ebooks are in the triple digits.

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