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3 parks

All the time I walk to the gym I pass three parks..the first moorgate I just walk past the green railings and look in but the next I have to walk through has a concrete pond and their is often old men an boys controlling boats an the ducks don't seem to mind..on one of the benches is a plaque for a
lad..noris (boots)green..beloved son brother and a plaque near a tree behind it...the final park is Alexander and I've often passed a woman who always has the same clothes on carrying a toy cat box with a stuffed cat inside...today I found out she
has walked the way to school were she use to pick up her child from kindergarten before she died...a few years ago...


Everyone has a story and sometimes,
when the emotions are stronger than
their own sense of survival,
they just get stuck at the end.

On a happier note, have you noticed
the spring birds?
Yesterday was the first day the
Robins sang in the early morning.
Bye bye winter.

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