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3 hotel rooms

got our card for room and one worked an the other didn't...sort that out later at reception but never did and when we get back one card doesn't work an then the other and now reception is shut with a telephone number to ring to get a master card to enter the room an that didn't work an it was an automatic message service with no one to contact..so I stay in with another friends room on the couch..next morning I give it loads about wat went on an she offers to put me in another room..so I waited 4 hours in reception while everyone else goes out..one maintenance man comes he can't get in then they have to call an engineer to sort it out..the receptionist gives me two new cards and I say how do I get our stuff out the room...she looks at me and I say you want me to go sit in a hotel room with no suitcase..so I was out the night before im on my own and my mobile dies..I go to the new room get a shower put last night clothes on that I flew in an went out in..go back down to the two maintenance men who can't get in the room go back to reception and say the room you have now put me in has one double bed and I ain't sharing a bed..she looks at me an say I'll get another bed put in so I said no I'm going out an wen I get back I want the original room...wen I get back later all our stuff has been put in the room with no extra bed and a new receptionist who's not aware of what's gone on..so I tell him I want the original room back that must be fixed by now..so I go up to the room move all our gear back into the original room put me phone on charge an everything is back to normal..been there 2 days and had 3 rooms so far with another 2 days to go...


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