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28 days driving and writing-- day something (curse words)

Another day; another .02 cents.

5am to 7pm, plus commute. Okay…

What do we have today, Joe?

There’s traffic at 6am from Sherman Way south heading towards the 101. Stopgo-stopgo stop-stop-go, stop…go-ooo, stop…

I know that drill-rig company. I recognize their old-school trucks, the shade of red paint from 1940…

Sad to say... but they are a bullshit company. That’s been my experience.

They specialize in septic pits, wells actually. The drill the well-pits that are par for the code in this county. They vary, you see, depending on location. Anyway, they drill the pits: 5 foot diameter wells, and my issue with them is their equipment: it’s old, probably obsolete, and definitely ineffective. I’ve seen other types, newer, better—seen them both through Santa Monica bluestone like it was nothing. Stuff’s hard as concrete and yet they go right through it—ten, twenty, thirty…fifty feet. They do it all the time, for caissons; foundation pilings.

But these other companies, this one in particular, they mostly deal with homeowners. They know they’ve got them. You see, without the pit, you can’t build. And if you’re doing a retrofit, like where your old system has failed, you have no choice. The work has to get done or else. Your property can be condemned. The county inspectors have that power…

So the homeowners, they hire this company with their piece-of-crap drill-rig, not knowing it’s a piece-of-crap, because for whatever reason, that’s what everyone who drills septic pits uses. The issue is that the rigs are too weak. They bounce off of sandstone. It’s prevalent around here. Not as hard as the underlying bluestone, yet their augers hit and spin. Makes a horrible racket.

It is a horrible racket, if you’re the homeowner. That’s your money screaming and squealing, right out of your bank account, as they raise and lower the head, while you scratch your head, wondering what the hell is going on. You’ll find out soon enough; oh, will you…

“Well Ma’am, like the contract says: ‘All hand excavation done by jackhammer etc. shall be hourly.’” So they get out the jackhammer and there goes your budget—all because their piece-of-crap rigs are too weak. Of course, they know all this ahead of time; have done it over and over, even on the same block. 40 years... They don’t tell you this. “We don’t know what’s down there.” Yes, pretty much they do, but they got you… and what the hell you going to do?

"How many days?”

“Hard to say… could two, three… could be week, maybe even two.”

“Sounds like you’re drilling me.”

“Well, you could say that… but why say it?” Big smile on his face. Oh yeah... he's got you...

Screee—clunk-clunk, screee—


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