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Don't like whiners, but 2017
was a very bad year. Vickie has
been to the hospital 4 times this year,
I've been once. She's still afflicted by
uncontrollable diarrhea; the doctor as yet
found a way to stop it - even the $1000.00
a month pill didn't work. I've been buying
Depends, she goes through several a day.

Plus, my hearing is worse. My left ear
has always been bad, now my right
one. I can't hear Vickie when she calls
me if I'm in another part of the trailer.

Now, my high blood pressure has
improved since the Dr gave me new
medicine to add to the old, but life is
very tiring and it's easy for my depression
to come back.

Meanwhile, I struggle to pay mounting
medical bills and cook meals (I'm not good at

Plus we lost our big blue heeler
Jud. He loved our walks so and I'm
missing him and that exercise so have gained

I'll be 74 in January, Vickie's 72. Getting old
is a struggle for both of us, hope everyone
on the site has a good year in 2018, and I realize we're
not the only ones having problems.


You should get another pooch to keep you active maybe?

Sorry it’s been so rough. Hope next year is a good one, friend.
Thanks, got 4 little Chi mixes but they're not real good for walking. Jud was strong enough to pull me up the hills. I fear I'm getting lazy. I'm hoping for the best.
You might be surprised by what you can do with diet changes. A food-symptom journal may help you identify problem foods for Vickie. Too much potassium can cause diarrhea, too. As can too much sodium along with a lot of water. Certain artificial sweeteners can cause it in some people.

In the meantime, I wish you well. I hope 2018 brings you a vast improvement!
If you do not believe me on the following information, go to the Mayo Clinic website. Plug in C. difficile, which is most likely what your wife has. My parents struggled years with this serious, and deadly, infection. It is highly contagious, found in hospitals, etc, and, especially, where the elderly are. Over use of anti-biotics have created this problem.

Antibiotics have been used to treat it, but often ineffectually. It is a vicious cycle. Recently, a new and 90% effective treatment has been given. It is a fecal transplant of stool from a healthy donor (could be you) into the patient's intestines. It provides and produces healthy intestinal bacteria. Don't take this problem lightly. Find a physician that is familiar with this. Do not be squeamish. Health is at stake.

Hope helpful. Sas
Regarding not hearing Vickie. I put two baby monitors in my parent's home. They had bedrooms on opposite sides of their home. Each could then hear the other. Think I had to have them on different frequencies. They are inexpensive and work like a charm.
Thanks, sas - the baby monitor is a good idea. On the infection Vickie doesn't take many antibiotics. She had Chron's disease, which the dr has diagnosed as progressed to IBS w/ diarrhea. What she had in the hospital was UTI.
Of course, from a 1975 appendicitis attack she lost 3 ft of colon so that doesn't help.
I'll admit these doctors out here in the boondocks may not be the best, but they're all we got (how we ended up here is a long sad story).
I do appreciate your concern and your suggestions though.
UTI is common in women. Often can make them irritable, irrational for no apparent reason. Antibiotics work within 24 hours.

Chron's is more difficult to manage. You seem to question the calibre of medical help there, so be sure it is IBS and not C-diff. I birthed a physician, they are not Gods. They, too, wore diapers.

IBS And Chron's are related to dairy issues. I have a sibling with Chron's. Cutting out all dairy should help.

Also, daily probiotics may help, instead of the fecal transplant. Just be careful what you choose since many have cultures grown in dairy, which would, at least initially, aggravate the situation.

Also look into prebiotics.

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