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2014 Goals for 10 / 13-17

Good morning Writing Forums- it is Monday, October 13. Wow, we are closing in on the middle of the month.

This is a roll-over week! Last week, aside from the necessary appointments, there were so many distractions I just couldn't get much done. At least I go part of the way through Step 2.

My goal for this week to finish LRWG Lesson # 8.

Part 1: Write a fictional story between 2,000 and 3,000 words. Done!

Pat 2: 'Magazine Choice Form' - select a suitable publications from the book and fill out the details on the form.

This is where I'm at now- I created a copy of the form with MS Word and I whittled the list from 30 down to 4. Visiting the websites will be the final determination on which one I choose.

Part 3: Write a cover letter to the publication's appropriate department

Part 4: Write a letter to my instructor.

If I do not make my deadline, I'm not going to sweat or fret about it. A day or two late won't cause a major flurry.


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