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#18- thoughts outloud


I'm better now. The video history 'E' showed me caused a crisis of conscience, but I'm over it. I've made a recommitment.

I'm sure 'E' was testing me. I almost failed. I felt bad for all those individuals that were killed during that time but I don't anymore. Feeling bad isn't necessary and in fact it is counterproductive. We must stay focused on the long term goal. The Kronstadt Rebellion was a counterrevolutionary action. The local Red Army members, thought of as the reddest of the red, the most heroic, committed, somehow had lost sight of the bigger picture. They saw the local people around them suffering and took pity. They sided with them and against the revolution.

Yes, those people were suffering, and yes, the requisitions by the Red Army central command were extreme- probably many of the people were dying from it, but no matter, - they were asked to make the sacrifices as were thought needed, and they refused, and then they put up an armed resistance, so yes, the Red Army had to come and annihilate them. Otherwise others would get the same idea that it is okay to disobey the Central Committee.

They needed to see the big picture, not think about their own insignificant lives and those of their children. Yes, there would and will be deaths, sacrifices of individuals, evens millions of individuals- as has happened before- but those are not important. What is important is the goal: One party, one planet; one people. Many can die and there's still more. The people will go on. Everyone will die, eventually, so why worry if some die early or needlessly? There are plenty more. The future generations are what is important.

We must build that better system whatever the cost. To do this we must destroy all vestiges of the existing systems; start at zero. Yes, people will suffer. That is necessary. Some will even fight against it. They must be obliterated. This, the so called Social Democrats don't understand.

They think they are a stepping stone- an easier path towards the Greater Future, but they are a compromise. They won't go far enough.

We can use them for now, but their pathway is too slow, with too much holding on to the past. They are not ready to give up private property. They are selfish, wanting their things, simply 'virtue signaling' in their approach. They want to seem caring. They claim to want equality while feeding their fat, spoiled children, but there are no fat children in the 3rd World; only if they are rich. You can't have it both ways. You are either for total equity, for all peoples, or you are not.

They are a farce. If they truly cared they would do what it takes- make the hard decisions- which means absolute control. It's the only way. Dissent cannot be tolerated. People are too stupid and too selfish to know what's good for them. We must take that away, take that choice, that power away; disarm them. They must be controlled and lead. We must be that vanguard. Absolute equity cannot... will not happen with them. At some point force must used. We are ready. We will lead. Let them have their elections. Let them win even.

In that sense, yes, they are a stepping stone. Once in, we can take them. They will fold. We simply move in, reveal ourselves after we take the actions needed. Then there will be no turning back. They are either with us or they are not. Some are with us. The rest, the wavering, the uncommitted, will be left behind. They are the past. They are too soft, lacking the courage needed. Bold action will take them. We'll either go around them, or through them, and once we do, we'll remove them. One Party, One People.

Everyone at the meetings agrees with this. We realize that stating it, publicly, at least for now, is counter productive. Again, the people are just not ready. They are, but they don't know it. But when the time comes we'll be ready. So again, the so- called Social Democrats are a stepping stone. Some are with us; some are not. The ones that are not, we will step on them.

It requires a strong belief. 'E' was just testing me. I know it. I saw the suffering, and felt the pity the Kronstadt Rebels felt for the starving women and children, and so for a moment I wavered, but now I am better. They were committed earlier, but then they lost their way. Too bad, but not so bad, just several thousands. In the greater scheme it doesn't matter.

It was a good history lesson, but too dangerous for the masses. It is almost like yelling fire in a movie theater.

That is okay. We will control the history. That one, perhaps, will become secret. The people don't need it, as it would only cause confusion like it did for me. The same with the short, sad story of the Russian Greens. We must erase that. They were selfish people not willing to collectivize, so they had to be erased just like the evil monarchists who they fought.

Commitment, belief, and focus: that's how it will be done.

Towards the Greater Future.




The fun stuff starts around the 5:00 mark.
That video is pure propaganda meant to reinforce the continued patriarchal capitalist domination. Even if one fifth of Kapuchea's population did die from forced collectivization this successfully implemented the removal and elimination of all the negative western influences from the country in the form of military personnel, former governmental leaders, workers, teachers, doctors, lawyers and all of the other city folk whose minds were already irrevocably contaminated with capitalistic western influence. All of this was necessary in order to make way for an equitable agrarian society of purely indigenous origin. The whole tone of the video is based on the lie that somehow these evil people were important or deserving of life when clearly they were an impediment to the Greater Future.

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