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18 November 2010 Weak Haiku

I know I said I was gonna finish my story about my hike up on Dinosaur Ridge and what I found that day, and I will, but first I wanted to put these haiku here. I was just sitting watching the sun rise. I don't know what happened to the blizzard that was supposed to come through according to the weather, but even though the sun's not up yet, it's already warm enough to melt the ice on the porch.

Smudge took off for work awhile ago and Lenny just got home--er, or at least I HOPE that's him I hear snoring downstairs. Anyway, yeah: A couple of haiku I just sat down and wrote while I was watching the pine and aspen trees wave around in the wind. Enjoy, or don't; either way, I hope your day is at least tolerable, if not off to as good a start as mine! :)

A breeze from the east
Makes the boughs seem to rise in
Answer to the light.


Smoky pink, gray, pale
Blue—spiky branches in fine
Obsidian strokes.


The fox's paw prints
Show he stopped to sniff the step
Under the cold stars.



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