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#16- thoughts outloud


I saw a guy in a wheel chair get run over. He didn't actually get run over, but he got hit. It was a busy intersection and I was stopped, and I noticed him because he kept going into the crosswalk and staying there after the light changed, into the street, then back out on the corner. He might've been drunk or high, or crazy.

I looked away and then when I looked back I saw something large spinning in the air like four or five feet off the ground while on edge that looked like a metal star, or a fan blade, or something. I didn't know what it was, but it was up, spinning, and then it hit the street. Then I realized it was the guy entangled in his wheelchair, flying.

He hit the street and didn't move. Some cars stopped. I kept going. Like... what could I do?


'E' showed me some video. This was a week ago. It was about the 'Greens' in Russia back in the 1920's , and also the Kronstadt Rebellion. I don't know why she showed me that. I don't feel good now, like something is wrong. She didn't say anything after, just turned it off, and then told me it was time for me to go home.

I didn't say anything. Why would she show me that?



I kept going. Like... what could I do?

I know, right? Like, why get involved? Probably couldn't make a difference anyway.

BTW: We all want to see pics of "E". Sharing is caring... and mandatory.

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