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#14 thoughts outloud



We had some new members- some new people that showed up. They definitely brought some energy.

'E' thought they were brilliant.

They spoke about the country's long standing policies, and again how 'outcome' is the ultimate proof of a thing.

Outcome is everything. It proves the premise, which is no longer a premise, but is the truth.

Changing an outcome is what matters. How many tries or mistakes happen in order to do so is irrelevant. It takes what it takes. The greater inequity remedied always outweighs the lesser inequity caused.

The arguments need to be made in the fewest words necessary. We don't need to explain what is obvious. Eliminate a-z, and make it a-b. Simplify. "Anyone can see..."

Inconsistencies are to be ignored, not spoken of- anything causing questions or doubt to the narrative should be scoffed at immediately, their point passed over, or, they need to be 'yelled down' (if necessary).

Persistent questioners- doubters in general, need to be discredited immediately, and then silenced (oh, my lists). Again, making an omelet, breaking eggs etc. and the greater good. Those voices are detriments, anti- what-needs-to-be. That truth doesn't matter.

I don't know why people can't see this. There's idiots- like sycophants to the 'details', and we don't need correct details; we need solutions. Things change, but our ideals cannot. We have to stick to what fixes the problem, the outcome -no compromises- in order to change things.

We may make allowances, but those are temporary.
Once we gain position, we can eliminate. ( getting off topic )

These new guys spoke about the "Prison Industrial Complex". Yet another example of the private business interests that rule this country actively promoting racism for profits. It's so obvious. The outcome statistics don't lie. A to B.

These guys, the new people, were there, inside; had been locked up for various 'crimes'. They knew what they were talking about- not just in the abstract- they were there!

Direct Action Wealth Redistribution should be legal. Why? Because it's like stealing a slave: You can't. You can't steal what can't be owned. Forget the law. It's corrupt. The injustice is so evident, so blatant. And yet the people are asleep.

The banks have all the money. The government is complicit. The banks are the government. We accept this like its the only way, but that wealth should be for everyone! It belongs to everyone, not just the wealthy hoarding it in their banks!

Again, it's all about private property- the rich greedily scooping and gathering, raking it in- private wealth- and not sharing it, while the people... do without.

The rich can't be trusted. Force is often necessary. So called 'Armed robbery' of a bank , or another institution, in the context of corrupt institutions, an entirely unjust society, is not a criminal act- it's a liberation of assets!

The rich are complicit in this racism especially perpetrated upon those incarcerated. They've created the system to hold on to their property, and for further profits.

Again, it so obvious... The law is not fair. A rich man hires an attorney, he has the money for bail.

Things are how they are because the rich want it that way- a rigged system. It's only that corrupt system which holds back the true will of the people- which is equality.

The people should be urged to take more actions. On the streets, in restaurants, when they see a wealthy person, they should act. When you see them stuffing their faces with their fancy meals; when you see them swilling their expensive alcohol, be inspired.

They should not be left in peace. Disturb it. Disturb that peace. Take action. End the corruption; the inequality. Only afterward will we be able to live in peace.

Words are not enough. People should liberate, initiate transfer, and directly redistribute. By any means necessary. Be spontaneous, in the moment, but keep it in mind, ahead of time, always, so that when the need arises, you recognize the situation. Be ready, and then act. If you're by yourself, get some friends. Be empowered.

Power to the people.

We should teach that. Activism. Be pro-active. Look for opportunity. When you see the injustice, act. Not just words, or yelling; take actions!

Power to the people!
Power to the people!
Power to the people!

Towards the Greater Future.
I will speak again


(I wrote this inside, at the meeting. Now I'm at my car down the block and some assholes broke into it! Wtf?! Hello?! There's nothing in there of value, but they messed up the door lock, broke the glove compartment getting in- it won't f-ing shut!- and broke the back side window. You know how hard it is to get all that glass out?! Shit! I'm so f-ing angry. I'd like to shoot those assholes)



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