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#13 - (a Friday) thoughts outloud

It was a blizzard day. I got up early and made several deliveries, then worked a 6. I don't feel sick or anything, but I feel like this day ran me, not that I ran my day.

The only thing I look forward to is the meetings, and the time I feel inspired to think on things related to what's coming.

I had a customer blow up on me, complaining about the quantity, like I was ripping him off, which I don't do- I know a lot of guys play that, but repeat regulars is what I want- and I explained, even got out the scale to shut him up, but I feel like my blood pressure barely went up.

Another time, and I would've been all hyped up/ upset, but I just went through the motions like barely there. It's tiring, this making a living thing. That, and my day job, sometimes I'm barely awake.

Anyway, I know it's not anything to do with anything outside of me, but as one small piece of it I think it's good to show a little of a daily struggle.

On another note, completely different, I think I may have made a mistake in taking this condo. The location is good, not too far from my former place, but there are some guys further down the row who may consider me competition. I can see it; they can see it- we recognize each other, though it's ridiculous- there's plenty of market out there and I doubt my client base even overlaps theirs.

Anyway, that won't matter a bit if they take it wrong, want to tax me, or worse. It's me alone and nearest I counted was like five 'mains', and some more associates. Great.

I'm tired, and I don't like to think about it, but I have to take it serious. They could drop a dime, or worse, which reminds me- I have to make a payment to my- um- protector- Hope he polishes his badge with it. I shouldn't say that as he's come through a few times, but I do pay for that- not cheap, but yes, better than the alternative- not making anything while 'on vacation'.

'E' hasn't called or come (always does when I'm not expecting it; actually startles me) and no meetings this week, at least that I'm aware of, but I'm still compiling my lists- backing it all up just in case there's a break in ( those f-ing neighbors), and I haven't left any more flyers since that last incident- (thinking of writing a new one) ; haven't seen those three guys, either ( good), but still a little cautious. I'd love to get their names.

Toward the Greater Future
I will speak again.



They could drop a dime...

Christ, are you living in 1955? With 10 cent payphones?
Honestly, no one under 50 will understand the etymology of that phrase.
Winston;bt14686 said:
Christ, are you living in 1955? With 10 cent payphones?
Honestly, no one under 50 will understand the etymology of that phrase.
entymology/ word origins. No one thinks about where it came from, what matters is if it's used or not. Jump the gun- wtf does that mean? Doesent matter, does it? Starting gun, yah. So? Anyway, dime is in the urban dictionary. No, I wasn't alive in '55. Haven't seen a phone booth in real life for a few years. People still know what a turntable is. Have to take a poll, maybe.

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