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after listening to a storey on the radio i counted how many toilet seats i've bought over the years.....a woman went on social media to complain that she ordered a white toilet seat and ikea sent her a sky blue one..after complaining she was told they have never stocked sky blue toilet seats and someone suggested she might try to remove the protective blue wrap....


Wait. Is 13 the number of seats you've bought?!?

I've bought... zero. Never even thought about buying one, really.

What are you doing with all your toilet seats? (Or should I not ask...?)
Yeah 13...I've moved around a lot an when I do move into a gaff..first thing is change the bog seat...I don't intend on making it 14 though but hey...the future is unpredictable.
Hahaha esc I've lived in 9 different house and I've never replace a toilet street, I just wash them with bleach. Saves on money. Moving around so much is exciting at times. Have all your moves been in Liverpool?
13 is just the Liverpool ones...just seems like one of those things you think every one does..the other day asked a shop assistant if they had any of the brown wrapping tape an she said only masking
.when I told her it was no good for getting the fluff of my white socks before ironing she couldn't wait to get away...
So how many times you moved in total? (If you don't mind me asking) Hahaha regular cellotape does just as well as parcel tape, but I can imagine her edging away.
Newbury...Hornsey,Finsbury Park,Seven Sisters,oxton in london..chard...few more I think...
You get to expirience a different culture in each new place that you move to, get to expirience different accents, people, places...
People all the same...if you live in the less afluent parts of a city you live with smack heads an freaks..but most are ok..if you live in the nicer areas you don't have to deal with smack heads n stuff because they end up in the other parts...people same were ever you go..
I don't think they are, people in York are far different from those I've met from London, Manchester, Scarborough and Glasgow. There place of birth shapes them from/us from childhood and become integral parts of the people we become...
That's cool HB....I went to Glasgow once an never got stabbed...been to Scarborough on a scooter rally...Madchester rocks...often pop up there...were ever I go it's never easy to pull a bird...
hahahah your obviously doing it wrong then lol.

Scarborough still has the scooter rally each year on the seafront, been to it a couple of times. I've never been to Glasgow but I work with a chef whose from there before moving to York, Edinburgh's nice though been there.
Was in a Greek restaurant last month an got talking to a few ladies...so after we said we're going for a few Bev's down the road...in they came an after a she had a few vodkas an crannberry juices I thought well lads I'm in here until she said you remind me of rab c nesbit..
Gutting, she obviously wasn't "The One", you'll find that person when you least expect it. :)

P.s I don't think you look like rab c nesbit, in your profile pic.
It was more sense of humor...she wasn't the one...ended up a fun night an never even got a spammy.
Bloody hell at least it was a good night then...

I miss having crazy nights out but then I think of the hangover lol...

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