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#12 thoughts outloud



I had a vision. Not like an actual vision, like I 'saw it' or something, but more like I understood a 'bigger picture', the bigger picture.

We keep talking about the fairness and the justice were working towards; the equality- but I think I saw the equity ( I'll have to go over this- edit, thesaurus, define), or lack of equity as it is, right now.

What I mean is that I saw the actual level of people, mankind, all of them, us. I just like... had an image of all the world, like from space ( but not) and as I was looking, each part I saw expanded larger- 'zoomed in' in the foreground, expanding for a moment over the rest or compared to the rest, and then shrinking back down- like how it would on a touch screen- at each city or area that I focused on while I could still see the rest around it, or momentarily overshadowed/ blocked by it. But unlike most people ( that I know, or come into contact with) I could see the other places in the world- not our familiar world, but the ones most can't. They know their names or whatever, but they can't really see their circumstances; the circumstances there; how they ( those places) are.

I see or saw it- I can't really see it right now, just I remember, sort of, what I saw- I'd have to really think about it hard to 'see it' again), but can see the whole World's populations at once.

We, all of us together, are really, um (for lack of a better word) poor. What I mean is that if you look at everybody on the planet, all of us as one... if you were to like 'average it', and were not just able to see or think of our ( our local-) circumstances, basically our western ( -post imperial, or remnant- imperial) way of seeng the world, if you could see everybody, including all those other places on all those other continents- namely Asia, Africa ( and to a smaller degree South America/Central America, Caribbean), where most of the people are, if you were to average it all- then you could see that 'We' are really poor.

Most people ( the ones here where we live) can't see this. They think 'poor' is our level of poor. It's not.

If wealth, money, or standard of living, or however you measure it, if it were like water (which it naturally should be, to make things level, right...) then the levels we experience, that we 'have' need to get to their proper level.

The levels are not proper, not right, not correct; not even close. That 'water' is artificially blocked. The dams that prevent it from finding its proper levels are our greed, our way of living.

The answer to this inequity, this incorrectness is the elimination of private property. That should be our number one priority. We rarely talk about this (at the meetings) it for most being some sort of abstract term, but I can see it- the inequity- which we normally only see in our own distorted way- in our limited, world-view, but not me. I can see it.

We think the way we live is the norm, but it's not. It's the result of imperialism, both old school (armies, invasion, slaughter) and capitalist imperialism ( by proxy; using their own against them).

Virtually our entire system- everything- is based on stripping these other places that we can't even 'see' of their resources to support our level of affluence.

We need to break that. We think we know poor, but even our poorest poor live way too high. The elimination of private ownership of anything will end that.

Everything needs to be collectivized including all the 'things' ( not just all industry; factories, or farms). 'We' ( the collective we-) must own everything, from your shoes to your coffee cups; no more 'your', no more private property. Just like we can eliminate words of gender, another incorrect social construct, we must eliminate words of ownership. Me, my, and mine must go away. We must share everything.

Even little children are capable of understanding 'sharing'. It's not 'my toothbrush' but 'the' toothbrush. It must be all of 'Ours' (capital, like us) owned by the state, which is the People.

As with everything, since it is all of ours, anyone should be free to use it as needed. Walking down the street, and feel the need for a quick brush? Go knock on a door. Actually, just walk in, because there will be no locks- Everything is free for everyone! We all share and share alike! No need even, to say thank you because it's not theirs- it's ours! All of ours...

This will cause great consternation ( for some) great turmoil, I know, and there will be many casualties during the transition period, but just think of all the jealousies and conflicts since the first people ever came together that arose over 'property'?! One tribe had a cow, and their neighbor didn't. You can guess what happened next when they didn't share. This lack of sharing is the basis for all wars.

And someone might say:
"But I made this!"
but the answer is obvious: Whatever exists is all of ours; not just yours.

So we must do away private ownership, with this 'bad thinking'. Only then can true equity- true world equality be achieved.

If only we could somehow bring the rest of world en masse (the masses, the true masses) to our doorstep- get them there, in one fell swoop, (like a dam breaking) right now, then all of it, all of this that we currently have would be 'swept away'; like a great flood, a great Cleansing. We could end it, forever, all of it, right now. No more inequity.

Towards the greater future.

I will speak again.



I agree, we should all go back to the hunter-gatherer society, living off the land; of course, the best way to accomplish this admirable conclusion is to get rid of 98% of humans that are slowly strangling the planet. We can start by getting rid of politicians, lawyers, and other leeches on society like millionaires and Kardasians.
(tongue stuck firmly in cheek):icon_joker:
If you're going all Stalin, can I be your Beria?
You got a problem you need liquidated, I'm your guy.
References available on request (allow 4 to 6 weeks for Siberian mail train).
Winston;bt14682 said:
If you're going all Stalin, can I be your Beria?
You got a problem you need liquidated, I'm your guy.
References available on request (allow 4 to 6 weeks for Siberian mail train).
You can lol, but the world is changing, everyone knows the change is coming. Be part of it or be swept away. The old way is destroying our future. The new way is the only way. We are tired of discussing.

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