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“Remember Me” Star Trek TNG Season 4

I don’t know why the episode always stuck with me, but it has.

The idea of the entire universe, shrinking around you? Every moment there are less things, less people. Until, the point where existence simply collapses upon you. There is nothing, and soon you are nothing.

I’ll admit, I’ve always had a soft-spot for strong female characters (part of the reason I was such a Voyager fan). In this episode, Dr. Bev Crusher freaks-out a little, but does not panic. Instead, she uses her analytical skills to figure out what’s going on (how boring is THAT?). All the other characters in her collapsing hell of a universe are no help whatsoever.

The one line that sticks with me is this:
“Either there is something wrong with me, or there is something wrong with The Universe.”

That’s right. Even as the laws that govern our existence are collapsing around her, she did not doubt herself. I’d think I was going nuts. But not Beverly.

SPOILER: In the end, it was just another experiment from her precocious son Wesley. Everyone hated Wesley, except for that creepy “pedo-bear” Traveler guy. But he was Bev Crusher’s son. And Bev supported Wesley’s goofy, universe-altering torturous endeavors. Like a good mom should.

Lately, I’ve been wondering if my son has been playing around with “static warp bubbles” like Wesley. From my perspective, the universe keeps shrinking, and people keep disappearing. I just pray I can keep my head about me like Dr. Crusher. Before the whole thing implodes on me.

In the end, Bev escapes back to the real universe, and all ends well. That’s why it’s called Science Fiction. In the real universe, there is no escape.


"Shut UP, Wesley!"
TNG is by far my favourite of all the Star Trek series. I identify to a certain extent with Data, since I am autistic, and take much literally :)

But yeah, I get that, that shrinking Universe. Keep your head up, we'll send a shuttle to pick you up.
Generally didn't like Beverly episodes, but that was a good one.

Janeway is probably the most underrated Captain in Star Trek.

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