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  • Where We Find Ourselves
    I would be honored if my words impact you in any way that supports your strength in persevering <3 I hope i'll be popping back in now and again...
  • Where We Find Ourselves
    @Greyson good to see you back even if it's only as and when you have time. So true! Can I print this, frame and hang on my wall as a reminder? I...
  • Petal
    Glad you found your way to my blog, Clark. You ask a good question. I probably could do without the comma. I’m relatively new to the haiku form...
  • Petal
    What's not to love? Neetu's Haiku are disciplined examples of the powerful short poems that are her hallmark. No one perceives the hidden...
  • Packing - Locking Horns
    Easy; just stick the leftovers on the back seat. Sorted.

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  • Sacred Geometry and Nonsense
    5.00 star(s)
    Every poet is prepared to expose their inner thoughts, fears, joys, passions. weaknesses. No...
    • clark

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It's been a while since I've posted something on here and thought it would be worthwhile to give a small update of where I have been. If you've been following along closely (and perhaps spying on me) you will have known I was in a philosophy master's program before the pandemic hit. In that year and some change, I had left behind the academic life for one in the public sector. I made my living for exactly 12 months of that year as a copy writer and the last five as teacher. But in a turn of...
This song is my latest monstrosity, and although I haven't been posting as much, I have another complete song that I finished like two weeks ago and a half finished song inspired by the Egyptian God Set. This song is as black metal as anything I've ever written. The inspiration comes from multiple past experiences with paranormal phenomena and gothic horror movies. I'm honestly really proud of the composition, even though there's a few missing or errant notes here and there in this rough...
Auditory hallucinations are the province of the schizophrenic. I wouldn't tell this story if it had been a subjective experience. I recognize myself as an unreliable narrator. But the things I heard, others heard. The things that happened to me, happened to my family. That alone gives me the confidence to tell you this. This story of how I became known as Sinister. First, I have to clear up something. In earlier entries I said that I attended a Private school, but I also claimed to...
Please indicate with an "X" on the lines provided, whether you: Strongly Disagree | Disagree | Neutral | Agree | Strongly Agree 1. This is the format of today's blog entry. __________________ | __________ | ________ | _______ | _______X_______ 2. Tests like these indicate far more about society's xenophobic need to categorize and label than any permanent sentiment of the subject. __________________ | __________ | ________ | _______ | _______X_______ 3. I...
NOTE: This story is true, but I have changed the names for no compelling reason whatsoever. "I was mad at you for fifteen years," said Joan. Tom, who was sitting next to me at the wedding reception, shrugged with open hands held out to the side in a "Who? Me?" gesture. Tom's wife, Kate, had a perplexed look on her face, as did The Missus. It was a surprising revelation, and everyone gave Joan their undivided attention. Kate was the first to ask, "Tom? Why were you mad at Tom?" Joan...
Secrets of the Bayou Jumping Jack Jimmy Jam Jones lived in a mud shack deep down in the bayous of Louisiana. Jimmy Jam was a Crawfish trapper. He made a living catching the little mudbugs with specialized traps he designed himself. He was a big man and was mean as a rabid wolf. He didn’t take kindly to strangers and was none to friendly on those he already knew. But he did love his hounds, Rufus and Maxine. Like him, they were as mean as mean can get. When you heard his hounds howling it...
Kentucky's landscape is filled with hills, pastures, caves and valleys. But those well-known aspects make one forget that lakes, marshes and swamps rule the unclaimed patches of land. Cranes and water moccasins dwell here too. Much of the land has watersheds and aquifers necessary for understanding the framework of this overlooked state. When the summer is hot, the air is muggy and dense. When the fall cools it down, the valleys fill with fog. And when the winter bites, the whole state...