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  • What is the NEW Normal?
    Thanks Sue. I know this one dedicated fool who is of the opinion--ASIDE: he once said to a friend in my hearing, "my opinion is as good as your...
  • What is the NEW Normal?
    Clark, I ran into someone just yesterday who said the pandemic was a hoax. I was left speechless, but she continued by saying that millions of...
  • Lessons of Potato, Book Cat
    I love the catchy title and book cover. If I saw this book displayed in a bookstore, I'd certainly consider purchasing it for one of the grandkids.
  • My last nurse
    No comma. After INTENSIVE research, no comma following my of course, of course.
  • A blog about ABOUT
    A quick thought on titles . . .and I stress 'thought'. Singular. Better: a quick 'flash' might be more accurate (I'm leaving myself room to bail...

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When life becomes overwhelming, find something that surrounds you, and takes the weight of your worries if only for a little while. (Growing up one of the few mediums I was completely at home in was water, the other was books, needless to say, I was tickled when I found this book. A total sensory delight.)
ADULT THEMES My last nurse play/fun write. maybe draft on later, write about my nurse chap a little more? My last nurse Of course I had heard the reports concerning the vaccination centre provided for the mere ordinary people. My own wife described how they were indeed herded at the two second interval gaps through the sliding doors where the first nurse spat into her face: ‘Name!’ she said, and so forth. No loving eye care supplied, no heaving chests under the buttons. The entire...
When the media refer to the term 'NEW' normal what does it actually mean? I assume they are referring to the impact COVID has had on the world as a whole and how we must learn to adapt physically and mentally to our new lifestyle restrictions as individuals. It is probably the general term adopted to encourage those of us who are slowly going barking mad to adapt to life in the wake of the pandemic as every wave of infection presents new challenges, restricts our liberty and for some their...
Last year I blogged about a sequel I wrote to my favorite book by my favorite author. He never "exactly" wrote sequels, never did for his earlier work, and he died in 1988. I'd always wanted a sequel to a few of his books written in the 50s, particularly "Citizen of the Galaxy". So, last spring, for my own benefit, I had some time and wrote that sequel. A member of the Board of The Heinlein Society agreed to read it, and responded that I "must" pursue publication. He thought it was that...
I'm heading to bumblefuck PA to work on an LP with a former associate of mine, and I'm gonna use the time there to focus on composing as much of my own music as humanly possible. If things go well, this album I'm going to work on will be released by or before the end of the year. I also intend to finish composing and recording demos of at least 16 more songs of my own over the next few months. Things are kind of moving along atm so I'm somewhat hopeful that this will improve the...
Shallows Deep For the third time in as many minutes, Susan appraised herself in the full-length mirror, noting the lack of curve and the dumpiness of a face so her. ‘Ordinary’ was a word she heard behind closed doors, when the whisperer thought she slept, or at school, when the other girls caught her eavesdropping. Hour upon hour, she practised her smile, but the gloom snuck out through her eyes. The day had been like any other. A moon sat swollen in the night, laying a pallid blanket...
As much as I've studied to fine tune my writing over the last many years, I don't stop. Obviously, I don't run into as many new tips as I used to, but when I do I take them seriously. One I ran into several weeks ago is to take "estimates" out of fiction. Instead of writing "Sally stood about 15 feet away", go with "Sally stood 15 feet away". The reader doesn't care if it was 14 feet, and since we're making it up anyway, if we want 15 feet we can have 15 feet. We get rid of a filler word...
The Glass Tulip The fallow child did not know he cast a shadow. It rested profoundly on his story, diminished the colours—warped them. The earth, the heavens, and everything between, left him detached, bereft of wonder. But Tommy did not know. His clothes reflected the same perspective: faded denim jeans and jacket, grey V-necked jumper, and white shirt, buttoned to the very top. Plimsolls, once white with blue edging, now scuffed and discoloured by frequent visits to Ashton Woods...
After a long several days of edits on my first read through, proofreading with my app, and then additional adjustments after I took the manuscript from Scrivener to Word, I have a manuscript fit for others to see. There might be a few typos left, but I try to get it down to what I've read are NY house standards ... approximately seven or fewer for a full length novel. Then the first few readers fill those in. Now I have to work on a cover, and the first thing I do is fish through premade...