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  1. What song are you listening to?

    by , January 9th, 2020 at 03:18 AM (This Is Where Some Things Are Kept)
    Quote Originally Posted by Space Cadet View Post
  2. I Don't Care. And Neither Do You. (language)

    First, welcome to my blog! If you're reading this, you're probably either an exiled poet that got distracted, or so bored with the REAL WF content that you decided to go slumming. The fact is, I don't care why you're here. I don't care if you're here at all.

    You see, we're all just a random bunch of folks gathered together by our joy of writing. But, it appears that's where our similarities end. It's just as tribal here as anywhere else in cyberspace, or the real world. Sure, ...
  3. rant

    Ever have the overwhelming need to rant? Shout to the heavens about how life is unfair? I want to, but I'm not going to do that. For one thing the whole problem is mainly my own fault.

    Back in Nov found out I needed my birth certificate to get my driver's licence renewed (which is a separate rant issue). Well I ordered it, just now finding out it will be March before I get it. Mistakes and bad decisions have led me to order another directly from my birth county because I can get ...
  4. Tired of Politics

    Bleh. Politics. Iím sick of it. Iím sick of reading about it, sick of hearing about it, sick of people talking about it. Itís become a preoccupation because itís so [email protected]#$%ed up at the point. People are too political. Your politics have come to define who you are as a person. Thatís what politics are.

    There are some who, believe it or not, believe things for which there are no supporting facts. Thatís always been the case, though. People believed the world was flat and that it rested ...
  5. _Inherent Vice_ by Thomas Pynchon Review

    Note: This review was originally written back in 2016 as part of a personal "1001+ Book Challenge." I follow a Peter Boxall's 1001 Books: You Must Read Before You Die list and write about books I found particularly noteworthy. This post was edited recently to improve grammar and overall readability, but still reflects the views of a 23-year old me. My writing has improved since then, I promise!


    Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon Review
  6. Where is the care?

    Just another Sunday lunchtime, my " gentle stroll to the outskirts of town and cheapo shopping day" and, bearing in mind the time of the year, the weather as agreeable as might reasonably be expected. Dull, grey, and the air felt damp, EVERYTHING feels damp that probably explains why, having had all the rain that we've had recently, a dry stone wall some two metres high has collapsed causing a few feet of some poor devil's front garden to spill out into the road. Thankfully it's not on ...
  7. Sandcastle

    I am but just a grain fortified by integrity a correspondent to the waves of Fibonacci melody but fragile alas death's dry touch keeps tightening I am my own righting a lightning strike in short stride of transparency I finally know my place while my surroundings remain unknown to me I throw no stones because the unknown is the only true home of free heard through the conch shell's echo of gull calls until the sound asleep felt as a gentle breeze and ...
    Tags: poem, sandcastle
  8. Nightmare


    I'm having nightmares
    I gotta find a way to block them now
    I keep seeing demons.. who keep proceeding
    to come knocking... when I'm dreaming
    I gotta lock them out.. but how?
    I never been inside this room
    I must of taken shrooms and ended up in someone else's house
    yeah that's it...
    and from there it must of went south
    or maybe I was so drunk last night
    that I just black it out
    Naw you know ...
    Fiction , Poetry
  9. The Folies BergŤr


    Stuck in a gaze of various impossibilities
    while being served pale ale at The Folies
    Golden trim in the image bends
    what seems to be melancholy
    Suzon a bon appťtit
    but with prudence of folly
    a courtesan of the trapeze...
    only gentlemen saw the trolley
    She kept the Order of Things
    like Emmanuel's painted bodies
    with spatial depth...
    impressionism was of real quality
    for Manet, you may ...
    Tags: love, mirror, poem
  10. A Joker's Heart


    A heart swallowed
    by the dark
    Leaves a mark
    To the mind it's
    Forever sore...
    your eyelids
    cross your iris
    Till your sigh-less
    How's time meant
    to heal a scar...
    Seams mend
    to pull apart
    When we see the
    end then to a start
    Or a start of an ending
    You know you've felt before...
    The endeavor never ceases
    Picking up the broken pieces
    While ...
    Tags: joker, love, poem
  11. Confidence

    Topic: Confidence is contagious, so is lack of confidence. - Vince Lombardi

    "It's their confidence!"
    said as if spoken off a hostess lips
    contagious like spreading lacquer
    a compound to renown success
    or lack thereof.. from the rest unfinished
    the non propound be left a mess

    a soggy pus that death had gripped
    embraced by lack of self worth constrictÖ. in it
    like cerecloth and a sarcophagus
    but for the ...
    Tags: confidence, poem
  12. Battle Scars


    Battle Scars like a lasting art...
    some skin deep, while others last in heart
    some battles end, while others start
    some love begins, while others abort
    new life springs summer, and falls apart
    while winter hits, like a contact sport
    you begin to wonder, how you came this far
    but still reminisce, the times when you came up short
    some days you have patients, and other days you can't take no more
    we're ...
    Tags: life, poetry, war
  13. All And None


    I am all of that, yet I am none
    Iíve seen your prospective and all others
    Iíve added in sum
    subtracted found common factors
    heard all of the songs sung
    took parallel pieces
    seen aunts uncles nieces
    the old and the young
    studied stories, read history and from which they come from
    Iíve lived it, eye scene it
    breath air in my lungs.
    As below so above never ending it runs
    seeing ...
  14. Puppet


    No glory for sheep
    Their legs great
    It's what's on the menu
    Tender hearts get torn apart
    Till all like them
    an do like them do
    Strings glued
    so like them
    they bend when others
    sway or say they kneed too
    Puppets of their destruction when
    Voodoo is needled in what's woven
    Leads to dolls weaved in thread
    but up holding
    in string an stride
    of their function ...
  15. and the dead are but for a moment motionless

    ďShadows of Shadows passing... It is now 1831... and as always, I am absorbed with a delicate thought. It is how poetry has indefinite sensations to which end, music is an essential, since the comprehension of sweet sound is our most indefinite conception. Music, when combined with a pleasurable idea, is poetry. Music without the idea is simply music. Without music or an intriguing idea, color becomes pallour, man becomes carcass, home becomes catacomb, and the dead are but for a moment motionless.Ē ...
  16. You Can Pick Your Nose...

    ...But you can't pick your family.

    It's always during "The Holidays", right? Everyone has one (or more) Drama Queen relatives.
    I never liked my one sister. Oh Lord, I have tried. Went out of my way to excuse her selfish, childish, hyperbolic overreacting behavior. For decades, we've all had to deal with her popping-up on the radar like a bunch of Luftwaffe bombers on a run to London. We scramble to intercept. She drops her load of s-bombs, leaving wreckage. ...

    Updated December 25th, 2019 at 07:25 AM by Winston

  17. Dropped Out of Site

    So I've been MIA for a while, my puppy hasn't been well, she has advanced cardiac disease and I've been nursing her and have been preoccupied, she's better now on a new medication. I also was scheduled for cataract surgery (which I postponed to January because of all the things going on with my puppy) and and emotional roller coaster I have been on. Not a good time to deal with eye surgery, and all that goes with it for me, which is the handicap of not being able to see well or being able to drive ...
  18. ASBO

    by , December 17th, 2019 at 03:20 PM (Each n every day)
    not far from were i live is a crematorium so one often see's hearses on the main road either coming or going but today i noticed a motorbike with a small sidecar that was designed to carry a coffin...in this was a wreath with the words ASBO written with blue and white flowers...in the UK.. ASBO means a court order for someone who is an asshole in general but the people in the cars and the bike rider were all middle aged so i'm thinking it might have been a knickname he picked up along the way...a ...
  19. good times

    by , December 16th, 2019 at 08:00 PM (Each n every day)
    went for a hike along the coastline earlier..I thought it would be a solitary time because it was windy an nippy but the place was busy with dog walkers,couples..some with kids and the singles...as I walked on I read all the memorial plaques on the benches and they covered all ages but one in a very isolated spot facing the open sea read..rest a while and think of happy times...so I did and I for me it was all about my childhood....a bit selfish but if their is one thing I've seid to my daughter...try ...
  20. Opposite Gender Pen Name?

    There are so many instances of neutral initial pen names, also called non de plumes, that itís rather ordinary and taken as a normal happenstance in the literary world. Jo Rowling is perhaps one of the most famous examples. C.S. Lewis and D.L. James come to mind. Pretty ordinary stuff here. What about a gender flip-flop though? During the last generations of literature, dozens of women have taken on male pen names to approach a reading crowd that might not have given them the time of day ...
  21. Child Labour

    I donít blame the kid. I really donít. Gretta Thunberg is just another emo pawn being used by intellectually lazy ideologues. Those same folks use pictures of drowning polar bears and photo shopped pics of cities under water to scare people. Iím not saying bears donít drown, or sea levels wonít increase an inch in 100 years. I am saying itís a dishonest way to start a conversation.

    Zealots on that side will use a kid, including your own, to ďguiltĒ you into action. Iím sorry, ...
  22. Trump lays out his impeachment defense strategy

    Donald Trump is being charged with two articles of impeachment: Abuse of power and obstruction or congress. We have received information about his defense strategy, as listed below.

    1. Donald Trump couldnít have abused power because the House of Representatives is run by dirty disgusting Democrats.
    2. Donald Trump couldnít have obstructed Congress because Adam Shiff is a pencil-neck geek, Jerrold Nadler is short and fat, and Nancy Pelosi is deranged.

    Case closed! It was all just ...
  23. Biotics: pro or anti?

    If you do a search for Clostridium difficile, youíll find illustrations of miserable looking people sitting on toilets. One shows a guy with steam coming out of his head, which may be to indicate a fever. Or maybe he banged his head while running to the bathroom.

    Thatís what I was diagnosed with. For those in a hurry, itís called C Diff. Like for if you have to go and somebody asks you what the hell is wrong with you, instead of telling him Clostridium difficile (which is actually fun ...

    Updated December 8th, 2019 at 12:46 AM by Irwin

  24. December Seventh

    Some of you may know, my mom was there in Honolulu on December 7, 1941. She was twelve when she saw the world around her literally explode.

    My mom struggled with mental health issues her entire life. How much was organic, and how much environmental? "Crazy" does run in the family. My uncle (her brother) committed suicide about a decade after the attack. Quite a few members of my family are on meds.

    I love history and politics, but there is so much ...
  25. Suffering from alcohol deficiency

    Iím becoming a grumpy old man. I no longer care what people think about me nor am I going to go out of my way to appease people. The fact is, I donít care for most people. The people I dislike the least are the ones that leave me the hell alone. I donít think thatís too much to ask. Unless youíre interesting or a close personal friend or relative, or somebody from this forum (I like a lot of the people here), just leave me the hell alone. I have no desire to discuss the weather or anything else ...
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