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  1. " Google Keep " Block notes, for quick notes.

    I discovered this service, Google, totally free.
    You can use it, on all devices, using your Gmail.
    The advantage of this application, what I like:
    is the ability to use it anywhere, with the same account.
    I use it when I'm not at the PC.
    I get an idea, I'll write it on my cell phone if I'm not at home.
    I can also use them on the Tablet.
    I find it at home, on the pc. I just need to copy and paste afterwards.
    At home I copy everything on Scrivener. ...
  2. I found some old texts ...

    I found on the external hard disk a folder with short and not short stories.
    Many are unfinished.
    I read them, and found myself saying:
    "But they are beautiful, did I write them?"
    All have excellent potential.
    I want to pick them up, finish them, changing and improving what I had already written.

    Among the stories that I have to finish, there is a Horror story, which I particularly like.
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  3. Wow! Blog Space?

    I found out by case:
    there is space for a blog.
    I would like to use this space, constructively.
    I like it, I already have some ideas.


    So just a little blog entry as to what I've been up to. I have finished my poetry submissions for two anthologies and working on the contests now, deadline of July 15th. I'm almost through with my time/writing crunches. Whew! I've become the president of the local poetry club of Florida State Poets Association, and that's keeping me hopping, working on growing the membership and organizing meetings and so forth, all to be virtual. The unfortunate byproduct of this pandemic is I am becoming agraphobic ...
  5. Historical Reflections

    Much of my writing is just random reflections, or descriptions of particularly enjoyable, or meaningful, experiences. I try to write them in a sufficiently interesting way to generate a conversation on either the writing style, or the substance.

    Iím very fortunate to live in Britainís oldest recorded town. About 60 miles east of London, it was the first Roman capital of England until the Iceni warrior queen, Boudica, slaughtered the inhabitants and raised it to the ground in ...
  6. What it means to be British ...

    by , October 15th, 2019 at 09:45 AM (A Creative Spirit in Portugal)
    or does it?

    State opening of Parliament Oct 2019

    Until yesterday my feelings towards the Monarchy remained neutral.

    As I watched the pomp and ceremony at the state opening of Parliament and listened to the speech the Queen had to deliver (whether she believed it or not) I felt compassion for the frail old lady who gives our country the stability that so many others lack.

    Maybe we should ...

    Updated October 15th, 2019 at 10:13 AM by PiP

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