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  1. So I can write

    For the sake of being able to write my own work, I'm clearing my mind of what's been constipating my thoughts lately.

    First, the President is a divisive asshole and his provocations need to stop. For me to be reduced to lacking any other words to describe the past few weeks is telling of just how bad it is.

    Second, yes, extremists ruin everything, that is true. However, people incapable or believing themselves outside the 'world of politics' (Which, none of us are, actually.) ...
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  2. [Ramblings] Eclipse and Other Things

    So, my part of the world was in the path of totality for the 2017 solar eclipse, and it was a beautiful, beautiful sight. I can honestly say that I understand now why religious significance was attached to these events. Everything went dark, it got really cold, and a shadow passed over the sun, looking much like a halo or an eye. Very ominous. Very cool.

    With the eclipse came a swarm of eclipsophiles, of course, and it doesn't help that my area is starting school up again, so, on ...
  3. History Repeats Itself

    As everybody jumps on the anti-Nazi bandwagon (which is about as impressive as being anti-cancer), I decided to continue doing some layman's research into communism and fascism.

    What I found to be very interesting is how they're both fundamentally collectivist. One is classist and the other is racist. One is for the proletariat and the other is for the Aryan race (or insert another race / people here).

    Benito Mussolini took a lot of inspiration from his time in the socialist ...

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  4. Valid or Not: The Real Political Opinion

    I could definitely be wrong...

    In the end, I figured that people take a number of stances on a number of things and a variety of factors can lead to them sticking with them or changing up, but underneath I think the real political point everyone really endorses is survival.

    Different people have different methods of survival. Some hoard against loss. Some want to defend what they have. Some people want to band up while others prefer to be loners. Some trust too little ...
  5. The nazis are back

    The nazis have returned. It's funny because they use wannabe nazis as their tool to judge everyone else. The nazis are very inclusive. All you have to do is agree with the statement: "If you're not with us you are agin' us." They're very strict. There's no discourse allowed. No talking unless it is with the approved words. You should punch people, with brass knuckles even, and there's no sense talking with people, only at them. Sometimes you need to scream at them. It helps to shut them ...

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  6. First Day of College

    To start with a focus on the positive, classes went well! I found them without trouble, although I'll definitely be needing an umbrella as the walk for one of them is about 5 minutes.

    The professors seem very reasonable and helpful. Both the journalism and the English professor handed out their respective syllabuses, which outline all 16 weeks of the course. Convenient. I'm already building a head start on the reading. It's actually pretty enjoyable work.

    I committed to ...

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  7. Passing of another year.

    I have found the sands of time do fly,
    as each day, week, year passes by,
    soon it will be Christmas my dear,
    with no time for anymore fear.

    The drinks, drugs and presents,
    yes that's it love stuff that pheasant,
    cries of joy and shouts of sorrow,
    all are mingled until tomorrow.
  8. Mowgli to Mendel

    What do the ‘Second Jungle book’ and Gregor Mendel have in common? Well I found a particular sort of inspiration in both.
    For those who only know the movie, there is a scene to the end of the Second Jungle Book where the red dogs arrive; they are enemies of the wolves, who kill everything. Mowgli takes them on, and uses intelligence to make use of small things to beat them and nature to escape them, I won’t give it away to those who have not read it, but it is a lovely bit of problem solving. ...
  9. Kinda Strange Track of Thought Today...

    Isn't it funny how "The Mother" always has a primordial presence in the God-Pantheon, but the Father is absent?

    I mean, there are "mothers", but the aspect of "The Mother" is what I am talking about. I am talking about the aspect of nurturing and giving life. But there is no father aspect. Or, at least, the father aspect seems to be split amongst other Gods.

    Strangely, I used to wonder about the order of progression in creation from the Christian ...

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  10. Cream and Jam Scones...

    Saturday 19th August
    10 a.m - 2.00 p.m
    Full Gospel Church
    23 Arthur Street
    activities for children etc. etc."....

    And that is basically it. What was printed on sheets of A5 and handed out to Saturday morning shoppers two weeks ago.

    Friday night had been a stinker and by the time I got home on Saturday morning at around seven-thirty, well, the words "tired and tetchy" spring to mind. Did ...

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  11. Pinching the plot

    Quote Originally Posted by Olly Buckle View Post
    I know of a fish and chip shop, that epitome of English eating out, where they use only the finest fish, always the best batter, and perfect potatoes; all freshly cooked in clean, hot, oil so they reach a perfect pitch of internal sweetness and succulence and external crispness and crunch. I know of another where the fish tastes distinctly fishy, and the chips sag. There the owner’s apron is as grey as the window, everything is cooked at once, then sits in the warming cabinet for hours,
  12. Love...

    Through hardships we toil, with hope and with care,
    These moments that test us, almost make us dispair.
    They bring us together, forged me and you into one,
    This is how I have realised, our bond can not be undone.
    Thou are my greatest treasure, my seeker of fun,
    To hear those three words from you, after tour done.
    There where we lay, our limbs tangled together,
    Time it stands still here, love takes flight on a feather.
  13. Dream World Chapter 4

    Dream World © 2017
    Chapter 4
    Returning Home

    Present Time

    Leon stop his story, leaving me in suspense, “Things would never be the same, what does that even mean and what happened after you opened your eyes. I have questions and they need answers”.

    As he went back into the plane, he said, “There's not much more to say, when the light went away, the pedestal was gone, the lights were on, and ...
  14. Setting and Mood

    One of the things I particularly enjoy as I read and write is the setting of mood. Gothic Victorian writers like Lovecraft, HG Wells, Edgar Allen Poe and Algernon Blackwood have been inspirational to me in the way they manage mood. More latterly, I am reading Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts (and highly recommend it) and am enthralled by the way he captures the chaotic, vibrant grot of the Mumbai slums. How do they do it? How do I enjoy seeing it done?

    Presentation ...
  15. I Need to Stop Being a Little


    Now, it's time for me to get back to writing ladies and gentlemen. That cringe-inducing venting is over!

    I can't wait to start college next week and begin my studies in journalism and creative writing. It will certainly lead to my career. I'll guarantee that it does.

    Can't wait to go to a future Charlottesville-esque event and do some proper coverage of it, and nominate myself as a target of the establishment and the Left with a smirk that only Martin ...
  16. An empty spot at the foot of our bed...

    Many of you who kept up with my wife's blog before she took her hiatus have probably read in her musings about our family dog, Beast, a German Shepard mix. Back in May he was diagnosed with a partially paralyzed larynx, which was affecting his ability to breath. We were told that we could have a surgery done on him to open the larynx (costing $2000) that would open his airway, but we'd have to make sure that any food he ate would not be inhaled into his lungs (how we were supposed to do that I'll ...

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  17. Memories. And Being There.

    I see people learning in books things that happened before they were born, things that I saw. They are learning what I lived. And a bunch of what they read is total nonsense.

    Through the lens of Revisionist History, Ronald Regan was a crazed warmonger and Bill Clinton was happy-times sugar-daddy. I was there.
    In 1995, the Clinton Administration gave China advanced missile technology through a transfer with a US company named Loral. Some high-ranking Chinese donors just happened ...
  18. Mentorless

    (The title has nothing to do with this site.)

    I've been thinking about how important having a mentor is, because I don't have one.

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had Master Splinter.

    In Kung-Fu Panda, Po has Shifu, and Shifu had Oogway.

    Outside of cartoons with obvious eastern influence, even Mozart - a prodigy child - studied and learned a lot from the great composers of his time, or before his time. This included Bach, whom he met.

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  19. Sangreville / Chapter 14

    Chapter 14

    It's now the following evening, about a half hour after sunset. Nathan drives up to my house in his car, with Diana beside him in the front seat. I get in the back and we drive off toward Main Street.

    Less than ten minutes later, I step inside the Bouncing Casket. Diana and Nathan remain outside. Most of the patrons are my living former classmates, who still attend Sangreville High in the daytime. Loretta is among them. Undead members of the nighttime
  20. Sangreville / Chapter 13

    Chapter 13

    Now I’m home. I’m back in my room.

    So the Grown-Ups of Sangreville are going to be the ones who’ll choose the next Enforcer of the Truce? That doesn’t mean that the Truce Commission will challenge Roxanna’s claim to be the next Vampire Staker of Sangreville; especially when I’ve made it obvious that I don’t want the job.

    Again I wonder how I will deal with Roxanna?

    “Lord.” I pray again.“How do you want me to deal with Roxanna ...

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  21. Old book from the 1800's

    Ever thought about how writing in a way immortalises us? There is a book in my moms house that is dated from 1899. I've never read it, i had no time to read it when I noticed it, but it had me thinking. How crazy!? To think that someone could write a book, publish it, and have others read what you wrote more than 115 years down the line. That to me is very fascinating. It reminds me of just how important books are. They can tell the tale of a time that no longer exists. Written by a person who is ...
  22. Sangreville / Chapter 12

    Chapter 12
    In the early evening, as I walk along Sangreville's Main Street, I am not "...just going for a walk', and I am not heading over to the High School; at least not yet. I don't stop at the Bouncing Casket. I head further along, in the direction of the Dark Arts R Us.

    When I reach the Shop, I see a poster displayed in the front window:

    The top line of the contain the words:

    "These Three Sacrificed To Appease the Wrath of Vampirania".
  23. Sangrevville / Chapter 11

    Chapter 11

    My eyes are open again. I'm not in Hell and I'm not in Heaven. I'm looking up at a ceiling, while lying on a comfortable mattress, in my own bed, in my own room. Around me are my own familiar belongings, in our apartment on Sullivan Street, just half way up the block from Main Street, in Sangreville.

    The room is dark. Outside the window it's also dark, except for the streetlights. The house across the street has its lights on. I hear traffic moving

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  24. Sangreville / Chapter 10

    Chapter 10

    My eyes are open. I'm lying on my back out in the open, looking up at a brightening, partly cloudy sky, in which the sun will soon rise. Around me I hear the chirping of crickets joining with the twitter of birds. My mouth feels dry. I take a deep breath, feel an aching throughout my body, and I groan. A sharp pain comes from between my boobs. I groan again.

    Now I remember. Roxanna shot an arrow between my boobs. It cracked my breastbone, and stabbed

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  25. Sangreville / Chapter 9

    About ten minutes later, Cousin Paula and I stepped outside Aunt Josephine's house. Under the clear night sky, a few of the brightest stars twinkled above us. My Staker-Vampire cousin was now fully clothed, wearing a blouse above her belt, along with the same pair of shorts she'd had on when we'd entered the house. She also had a foot long, sharpened wooden stake in a sheath strapped to her belt.

    The two of us went over to her car, got in and drove off;

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