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  1. kid jokes

    Amidst all the hurricanes and protesting going on here in the US, I am glad to be around kids, as frustrating as they are. My kid came out to me before bed with a moose puppet and proceeded to pull a marble out of the puppet's nose and have the moose puppet eat the marble. Because I have the maturity level of a 7 year old, I found it ridiculous funny, but gave him a critique anyway on better delivery. He tried it again on my husband, who lacks any sense of humor about farts, boogers, or poo. ...
  2. Why I Love Stephen King's 'Roland'...So Far

    I like what I call "the slight advantage" power systems. Things that don't give you too many powers that are too overpowered and force you to not consider that a mage who can rain down fireballs from the sky could simply light a tiny flame in the hearts of all his opponents and kill them just as quickly with far less effort, flash, and collateral damage.

    I think there is a sort of thematic feel each type of power system evokes in the reader. The feel I'm going for is that ...
  3. Art Update!

    IM ALIVEEEEEE!!! also, art.
    prac - Copy.jpg
    Jacksepticeye, a study in profiles
    Bleps, made for a sticker set
    study in environments and reflections
  4. Sacrifice

    Just occurred to me, but...

    Would you say that above all, what is the greatest lesson that the story of Jesus was trying to teach. Inwas thinking about it for a while and at first I thought the obvious answer was 'love', but then I dropped it. Why?

    Because love is something you can't really give...or take. Love is something that is genuine. You don't consciously decide to love someone- though you might consciously decide to act that feeling out as you perceive it. Love ...
  5. National Preparadness Month

    This IS a joke. And it is not funny.
    I just sat through about 45 of that horrid movie, "This is The End". It wasn't horrid because it was crass and vapid. It horrified me because it seemed too real.
    I'm just going to pick on you Millennials. I can't help but think about your generation when I think of a major disaster, and the die-off that will follow. Gen X at least has a few years of maturity on you, and the Gen Z kids are flexible with a healthy distrust of authority. ...
  6. India: A Tangled Web

  7. Theory on Teenage Apathy...Frustration...An gst

    Very short and maybe common sense, but because I do absolutely zero research you can trust me 100%.

    So...why? I think it's obvious, and by think I mean guess, of course. (no actual thinking was involved in this blog post)

    Basically, fantasy clashing with reality. Especially in todays world, children have expectations of life based on delusions from self, media, parents, etc. Then, as they grow older and their lives become less and less localized (home > school ...
  8. Radioactive Transformations

    If there is a leak of nuclear material into some form of medium that allows for it's wide dispersal into the environment, then you're likely to start coming across animals of a stranger nature in about one or two generations...

    And when you think about the human body, it's remarkbaly like a computer. It's a very complex thing on the surface, but it's actually a very simply thing under scrutiny. It's ones and zeros arranged in very clever ways to offer up the functionality that ...
  9. The Path of Mastery... lined with failures

    broken promises

    and cowardly natures

    hollow words

    and down cast eyes

    and the shattered remains

    of a million prides

    But the ones who are worthy

  10. A Day to Remember That Life is Worth Living

    It's 3 a.m. I look down at my clock and I realize that it's 9/11 and I am in tears. Today we remember those we lost, but also why it is so, so important to live, and of course love. I just finished watching the movie Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts, and my heart just stopped. I had heard it being a rave for years but never bothered to watch it until now. I was floored.

    Throughout all my life, I have wondered if I made the right decisions. Should I have married my first love? Should

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  11. Depression VII

    I wish I could say things are getting better; my wife has made progress in her recovery, although she still has a long way to go. Just getting dressed and coming to the living room is progress.

    My own depression comes and goes, right now I'm so inundated with bills and problems it's overwhelming.

    A plumbing leak gave me a $400 water bill last month, I thought I fixed it and this month it's still there. Water is expensive here, a few years ago the town came close to running ...
  12. Running on empty 2...

    Running! Me! The very thought seems beyond ridiculous. I hope that the membership won't object to another "oh woe is me whinge". Maybe one day, when I 'm retired I'll dredge up all my blogs and they'll serve as individual chapters in a memoir. My epitaph. Something to occupy me in my dotage perhaps.
    A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog regarding the inability to connect with others. Well? This one will run along a similar vein, if I can find the words but also the realisation ...
  13. Dream World Chapter 6

    Dream World 2017
    Chapter 6
    Cyborg Benefits


    I take back everything I said about not hating being alive. Now, more than ever, I wished to die, after all, whats the point in living, what's the point of anything anymore. So what if I got to eat new foods, so I got to explore, it all meant nothing now. I couldn't go an hour outside the purple room without almost dying. Than there's the fact that everyone I knew was dead, ...
  14. Creative burst...

    I'm alone in a meadow on the cliff top. I can smell the briny sea, hear the waves as they crash in the darkness. A storm rages around me, a rough caress through my short hair. I know she'll be here she always comes. As I watch and wait all I can think is this time it will be different. This time I'll save us. There she is! Her long dark locks flaring out behind her in the storm as she slowly approaches. A smile lights my face as her blue eyes come into view, her timid smile graces her lips as she ...
  15. Taking a "Break"

    I don't know when I'll be back. I just feel burnt out. Spent.

    I've come up with a way to make Sisyphus' dilemma more torturous, and that would be to surround him with other people who are pushing their rocks to the top successfully. Taunt him with what he'll never have: salvation.

    Tie a pedophile up against a wall. Don't drip water on his forehead. Just hold his eyeballs open, force them to look forward, and play the right images with a projector.

    We don't ...

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  16. Bits and Pieces

  17. Consultations

    In a secret room hidden in a secret building on a street that doesn't exist, I took a seat across from a woman. Her body seemed slender at first glance. However, a second glance would reveal the honed and toned muscles of her body. The only reason she may seem slim is because she wasn't human. She is a Dark elf, or Drow, as they prefer to be known.

    This Drow in particular hid much of her physical form. She is cloaked in a blue-black cloth with similarly colored gloves on her hand. The ...
  18. More travel stories

  19. Going Home

    I am walking home along the familiar dirt road. It is daytime but somehow hazy and dusty as if I were in the desert. The trees I am used to seeing are gone. Replaced with miles and miles of nothing. Some thing hits the ground next to me. Startled, I look up. Impossibly high in the sky is a rotting bridge. It is slowly falling apart. I suppose I should run but I don't. I keep walking home. I get home and the house is dark as if nighttime only existed inside. I walk around inside and my foster mom ...
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  20. Nightmares

    I am in the basement like every night, every morning, every day. I am small and scared. The stairs are broken and everything is too huge to climb up out of this room. I am trapped. This basement is not dark, the monsters that reside in it do not seek the shelter of shadows to exist. The monsters live upstairs on their thrones and I am at their mercy. If they decide to feed me then I am forever grateful, but forever treated stupid and clumsy. How dare I make a mess in this dusty terrible basement. ...
  21. Storms

    I am sitting on the unseen ground. It is pitch black everywhere. The only light I can see is the flashes in the lines between the door and the wall. A booming rumbling can be heard outside. Intrigued, I stand up from the nothingness. I feel the door. It is cold like steel and heavy when I strain to open it. I look outside and the world is dark and hazy blue, constantly raining and thundering. The only light is the lighting snaking across the sky. I am afraid but exhilarated. Is it better to be out ...
  22. Dreams

    I'm coming home from my job, holding a twelve pack of soda and walking down a lonely dirt road. I see our house and realize my vision is blurry. I hurry to the house and drop off the soda, running back to find my glasses on the ground. I see the necklace my sister gave to me and pick it up. My vision improves. I run away from the road, not wanting to get run over. Out of the corner of my eye I see someone's high beams silent and still out on the road, right below a crumpled body. My foster sisters ...
  23. Anxiety

    I guess anxiety has always been a part of my life. I wouldn't know what to do without it. I suppose it could be interpreted as a tool of survival. The reason we carefully select who to trust and who to distrust, what we do in everyday life. My anxiety is a living breathing pulsating thing inside me and I feel it always.
    Anxiety decides for me if I leave the apartment and if it is safe to do so. Anxiety sometimes allows me to make the daring choice to write this blog. Put my thoughts ...
  24. Stand or Fall

    As soon as he fell, the six of us waiting for the bus ran to his aid. The old man, and his motorized chair fell from the raised sidewalk to the street in almost slow-motion. I yelled to the bus driver as I ran, "Get on the horn and call some help!". We all naturally grouped according to our abilities. One guy (with the people skills I lack) calmly re-assured the old man and checked for injuries. I scanned for traffic to stop and divert. Eventually, we righted his chair and got him ...
  25. About My Blogs

    So in the midst of having a significant amount of homework to do (basically need to write two narrative essays, except one in first person for English and the other in third person for Journalism) I have decided to do a writing "warm-up" and discuss something I've been meaning to get around to for a while. A little stream of consciousness.

    Why do I blog?

    The biggest thing is that it helps me articulate my thoughts. I have things I want to say, and the act of blogging ...

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