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  1. Fear is the Art Killer


    I've learned that fear limits you and your vision. It serves as blinders to what may be just a few steps down the road for you. The journey is valuable, but believing in your talents, your abilities, and your self-worth can empower you to walk down an even brighter path. Transforming fear into freedom - how great is that?

    Soledad O'Brien

    No Excuses. Just Write.
  2. Farewell

    In the shapeless hours of an endless night
    the old clock
    xxxxxxxxxxxstops ticking

    I hear it chime once--
    a labored groan, half-shrill
    I don't need to look
    at its brass pendulum
    to know it is still

    all I know this time
    unlike all other times is

    its motion cannot
    be restored.

    © Neetu

    Updated Yesterday at 10:05 PM by Neetu

  3. Light the Candle, Instead of Cursing the Dark

    There is no value in shouting at the blind because they're unable to see. Instead, allow them to feel the truth through your art, where you can change their hearts.

    No excuses. Just write.
  4. Words, Words, Words

    I remember reading the Frog and Toad stories to my children many years ago. I am not sure how many of you are familiar with them, but even without my children to read to, I can still pick up one of those books and revel in the pure joy of endearing and enduring friendship that is so touchingly and humourously explored in them. Anyway, one of my never-forgotten lines is when Toad loses a button from his coat and turns the whole place upside down in search of that lost button. He finds many buttons, ...
  5. A story I wrote for the local paper this past week

    image 2.jpg
    A Track Day at Watkins Glen

    The following is an account by racing enthusiast Bob Brown of Montour Falls regarding his experience at Watkins Glen International racetrack during a Track Day -- a regular learning event for a diverse group of drivers.
    By Bob Brown

    The story is here if your interested
  6. I Was Told Not to Do This but...

    I did it! I'm doing it!

    First, I've come to learn something about myself. As I age, if I get the notion, an idea to do something- and someone tells me not to do it- Iím doing it. Of course, we're talking about things that don't cause harm and aren't illegal.

    In the mix of writing, I took up a project someone told me was a waste of time.

    I'm going to spare y'all the putrid spewing that we all know people spit out when they're against something,. We all know ...
  7. Zankou Chicken on Sunset- a review


    I'm eating at Zankou Chicken again.

    For many years I've boycotted.

    Back in the 80's I'd had a bad experience.

    This was before the murders.

    I'd ordered falafel. It was slow to come. I'd thought, okay, they take awhile to brown. But that wasn't it. I think they were just slow and the girl that brought my order was rude. I was dirty from work but that's no excuse. It's a to-go joint, nothing fancy, cheap, fast-food; ...

    Updated May 19th, 2018 at 01:53 AM by Kevin

  8. Skipper Dan Was Wrong

    For those not familiar with the refined, classy works of Weird Al Yankovic, please view this before continuing:

    I've heard this song dozens of times. I suppose I've enjoyed a bit of Schadenfreude in the listening, but something about it always disturbed me.
    Today, it came to me. Skipper Dan isn't a victim to be pitied. He's a pussy.

    Here's the deal: You give up, you lose. If Skipper Dan has really given up, I feel ...
  9. My yearly hair-cut....

    The time is rapidly approaching now and once more I am faced with the getting the timing right. I have always, in the past, waited until June, or even as late as July, but, as I've aged my hair doesn't grow back as quickly or as thickly as it once might have , before I know it, the Autumn months quickly followed by Winter are upon us and I need all the hair-cover that I can muster.

    I wonder if it will attract any comments this year. I shall have what is known as " the half cut ...
  10. New hair,new me...

    I find it amazing that just a little change can make a huge difference to your mind set. So today I went and got my hair cut back into a bob, for the last five years I have had long hair and not felt completly myself, however moments after having my long locks chopped off, I felt more like my old self. Yes, that's right folks I am even more positive and chirpy. Not to mention feeling freer.

    So here is my new look, rocking the natural curls today.
    P_20180512_154339_BF.jpg ...

    Updated May 13th, 2018 at 04:32 PM by H.Brown

  11. Do Your Job

    do your job.jpg

    It is the job of the artist to tell the world what we feel in our hearts, even when the world has broken it.

    No Excuses. Just Write.
  12. Falutin

    Thinkest thee that
    thine own thyme,
    twine, and time most matter?
    Moist grey matter in-head, which does not heed to needs of others be-near, those deemed beneath except for those thee hold dear.

    Violets, tulips, and poppycock.
    Such is this tripe
    as garnish to
    the hollyhock.

    Goodness, be?
    Oh no, goodness me,
    no, what thou does
    thinkest is foul
    when set explinkest
    to custom curtsey scroll ...
  13. A New Transition

    It's been a while since I've been writing poetry lately and I still haven't been able to get back into the rhythm at all. But while I had been sulking in finding inspiration in writing I had a better idea for a novel. I am not sure if it has been done before but I thought I'd travel to South Korea to write this book you see it's about this half Korean half Ethiopian that wants to be a Kpop star and it centres around Ethiopia first and while most of the story flies around there it's about the trials ...
  14. Stone Mountain in Georgia

    Went to Stone Mountain today. It's a park in Georgia, next to Atlanta. We hiked the forest trail around the backside of the mountain. It was beautiful, big trees. bodies of water.

    When we were leaving I saw the bas relief style carving on the mountain face. Something like Mount Rushmore, but flatter. It was of Bobby Lee, Stonewall, and our bestest, and only President of these Confederate States, Jefferson Davis.

    You know, over in the nature park the roads were named ...

    Updated May 9th, 2018 at 09:31 PM by Kevin

  15. Moving; Marrying.

    I'm in the middle of something of a transitional period.

    I'm moving to an interim location and starting to focus more on my income. I'm in the middle of a heated relationship which will likely end in a lifelong marriage and at LEAST six children.

    I'm experiencing a lot of personal changes as well, which is quite interesting.

    I'm turning 30 this year and I already feel like an old man.

    I need this to happen.

    I'm going to be ...
  16. Work and play


    "-The bosses at the next level up are incentivized to not fix things- it's the opposite. Fixing things involves cost and they are given bonuses to come in under certain numbers. So that's what they do: nothing.

    The customers call to complain and nothing happens. We're running skeleton crews and delaying any hardware upgrades." - talk around the campfire.

    Actually, it's a table. It's like camping except for we're not in tents, and we ...
  17. The Life of Olly

    I believe Christianity was born out of slavery from the Roman Empire and gave a voice to those crushed by others and while never believing myself I have been the seeker of my truth...for a while I've read Olly's teachings and have prayed to him every time I PM and he has always answered my prayer...I believe his writings our a digital binary 1,0 of how to life a life...Bazz Cargo has always been a Moses figure on here an he is off roaming whiltshire among his people an I pray to Olly to let him ...
  18. JWs

    For most of us it's just kind of a gag: "Oh, the Jehovah's Witnesses are approaching the door! Hide!"
    Lately, I've seen them set-up in static locations. In my case, I see them at the ferry terminal with a slick-ish graphic board and their ubiquitous propaganda fliers. I think they still push the Awake! and Watchtower mags, in addition to the two page pamphlets. The JWs look so happy. They probably are. But my experience with them was something other than pleasant.
  19. Spring garden

    I have been potting on pelargonium cuttings and planting out sweet peas. Spring is here at last and some decent weather, though things could still turn again, I have runner beans in the greenhouse I think I am also going to take a chance on planting out. If the weather stays reasonable they will be nice and early, if it is a bit shit I have some glass and fleece I can give them some protection with, and if it is really shit I have some more plants in the greenhouse, I always plant way more seed ...
  20. Life Changes - Excerpts from my life

    Life changes can be dramatic or subtle, but they happen, and sometimes, you feel them in your bones, in your marrow, in your very soul. Hell, the word "soul" has suffered much from poetry critics for overuse, for meaninglessness, for lack of originality, and all that humbug. If "soul" has run its course through the history of poetry, what about "love"? Maybe, it is time to stop using that word, too. It is overused, wouldn't you say?

    Anyway, I digress. ...

    Updated May 12th, 2018 at 07:44 PM by Neetu

  21. Waiting in May, 2018

    The first few days in May, before the leaves sprout on the branches and the sun is hot, leave one feeling as if in a place of disequilibrium. One might feel great joy at the anticipation of seeing a field of emerald, but confusion at sitting in the shade of leafless tree branches. The shadow casted over oneís head is of a spindly frayed umbrella. It reminds one of the long winter and the continued wait for more days to come of more unpredictable weather. It leaves one sympathizing with the ...
  22. April's Accomplishments

    Can't believe April is just about over! Where did the time go?

    While I accomplished a good bit of writing, I didn't get to play with poetry as much as I'd wanted to for the month. I'm still working on one that I hope I can pop in tomorrow last minute. If not, I'll just post it here or in the poetry section. Having trouble ending the darn thing.

    I finished the final draft of my young adult novel and have some idea of how I'm going to open the next in the series. I'd sort ...
  23. 13

    after listening to a storey on the radio i counted how many toilet seats i've bought over the years.....a woman went on social media to complain that she ordered a white toilet seat and ikea sent her a sky blue one..after complaining she was told they have never stocked sky blue toilet seats and someone suggested she might try to remove the protective blue wrap....
  24. An eventfull day...

    So today was far from a boring day at work, we had a poor customer that got herself stuck in a bucket swing (was fairly funny), we had a great laser party and then to top it all off i had to chase a goat...

    Yes you did read that right, I chased a goat.

    Just another day in a child's play center, fun times.
  25. My day is just zippy


    This is day (something , a number. I forget) of the new regime. So far the wall hasn't happened. Our original plan to round up all the gays and illegals, together, and put them in summer day camps, as suggested by millions of deep state, Deep South Twitter accounts (and from all the other racist memes) has failed to materialize. Where are the Nazis? It's weird, like they just left the country. No night of the long knives.

    The several hundred world famous stars and ...

    Updated April 26th, 2018 at 01:28 PM by Kevin

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