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  1. New Year, New Me

    Firstly, how the heck have I been here for more than 2 years?! Like, feels like yesterday since I joined. Well, as they say, "Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

    I 'spose it has been a while since I posted here. I've occasionally popped onto the site to see what's going on. Looks like its kept on keeping on. Used to be that I'd check this site daily. It had become a coping mechanism I guess.

    Anyways, a lot has happened since I've last wrote ...
  2. Technology and Magic (Power...Whatever)

    I keep watching more of Black Mirror...

    I'm kind of wondering over the evolution of technology. Technically, a bone-hammer is technology. Primitive tech, but technology nonetheless. So is a torch. So are loincloths. So is a beaver's dam. A bee hive. An ant hill. You get the message.

    It occurs to me that we've come a great distance from our earliest days till now. But the main difference between technologies evolution and magic's evolution in stories is that magic often ...
  3. Screw you ASsociated DAiries.

    Better known as Asda stores. This old ram isn't for shepherding.

    Saturday morning, the morning after a god awful night, working in the lightest drizzle that had seemed intent on seeing out the shift with me right to the punch of the clock and, having got home, I still had the weekly shopping run to do.

    Well, it's all pretty much routine really. Buy a newspaper, get some cash from a hole in the wall on my way to the bus-stop and get my sorry worn out old bod to Lidl's. ...

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  4. And now, for something completely different.

    I have access to a computer presently. The keyboard is fucking amazing; at one time I could type 160 - 180 wpm with my eyes closed due to the massive amount of time I spent typing online, playing guitar and piano, and my drive to be the best at everything I do.

    I don't really have a particular topic at this point. My phone is out of data, so I won't be coming around much until next month or so. This will likely be my last blog post for quite some time as well, so I'm going to eat this ...
  5. Critique Workshop Ethics

    by , January 18th, 2018 at 06:58 PM (Scraps of Who I am)
    I could make this a long essay, but I would bore you and myself to death if I did, so let me keep this brief and to the point. Poetry, or for that matter, prose workshops are a place where we hope to improve a piece of writing, get a reader's perspective and honest feedback. All those are good things and generally aimed at constructive goals, at least in theory.
    However, does that really happen in practice? What happens when egos collide and harsh words are exchanged, on the pretext of "helping" ...
  6. Black Mirror Season 4

    * spoilers, of course. I'm dropping dimes like an old man at a strip club

    Just finished watching the second episode...

    It was pretty good. Both Episodes 1 and 2 were good. Episode 2 was a surprise since, when the credits rolled, it showed that this was the episode Jodie Foster wrote. Nice bit o' candy there...

    I think I understand a little better what Black Mirror is. It's not dystopian as I first thought. It doesn't show a world destroyed by the evils of technology. ...
  7. Blogging

    So I've been doing this shit going on like three years March, and I really feel like I still suck at this shit.

    I post a lot of shit. I post sporadically, I post recklessly, and I'm extremely vulgar.

    I only ever tore down one of these bitches back in the beginning because if I didn't, every chick on this forum would have petitioned to have me permabanned.

    It was a greeeeeat post, BOI.

    Anyway, that shit was about my love life and experience ...
  8. This Moment

    by , January 15th, 2018 at 05:37 PM (Scraps of Who I am)
    I will not count the seconds
    I will not check the clock

    I will listen only to the sound of
    my own inhale and exhale and
    the tapping of keys

    watch my breath stir the strands
    of my hair
    as it falls below my chin
    over this keyboard, my fingers
    typing this note
    to myself, this moment
    a gift I give
    to me

    (c) Neetu M.

    Updated January 15th, 2018 at 09:54 PM by Neetu

  9. It's Just Not Working Out

    It's that silly time of year. Folks lie to themselves, buy a gym membership or a treadmill. Maybe this is you. This time, you REALLY mean it. You are going to start your healthy lifestyle. Burn those calories. Drop some pounds.
    Wake-up call: You failed last year. You will fail this year. You will continue to fail. Here's what I see...

    First off, the gym (or wherever you work out) IS NOT a social club. I see more people standing around talking than moving. When ...
  10. Tales From The Drunk IV: LET'S DRINK SOME BEER

    When you call it a disease, it's seriously the best sickness I can think of:


    Why do I drink?

    I started drinking very early.

    My FIRST taste of alcohol was at the age of seven; it was a bottle of Heineken. I was camping with my uncle. I had been camping with him for a long time already, and he ALWAYS had a Heinie. One particular afternoon, we were playing draw poker for candy. I actually won, and by the time I got all of it (last ...

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  11. What Happened with Superman vs Batman (and some other movies)

    Just on impulse, I went back and watched the Superman vs Batman movie. This time, I was looking at it in terms of what I would have done to make it better, or try to discern what was being attempted here. In this, I think I found what the problem with this movie- and others- are.

    I think the main problem is that they are no longer really trying to tell stories.

    Behind a movie there are a number of interests involved. Each of these interests- for one reason or another (mostly ...

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  12. Morning glory...

    Nooo, not that morning glory.

    This morning, due to my having been on the go for something like 26/27 hours with no sleep, eventually crashing at around five pm yesterday and Logging out, switching off, hitting the sack, dead, gone, totally zonked, At precisely five o'clock this morning, five 'til five, twelve hours, well that ain't bad, I was up and firing on all pots, tippy-toeing around the house downstairs while 'er indoors snored er ephing head off, I mean got her beauty ...

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  13. AA (Amateur Advice) Impact Report

    When you create something, I suppose the general rule for the first step is deciding how this thing impacts the rest of the world. In a sense, you're like a Customs Agent and you decide whether adding something to your story is going to vibe well or create chaos.

    However, it might be really hard to imagine all the scenario's that could come of a thing. A step around this may be to find a real-world corollary. For example, to flesh out how magic is learned and how it's study and understanding ...
  14. Transient

    by , January 12th, 2018 at 04:36 PM (Scraps of Who I am)
    I am no more
    than a raindrop
    on the big glass door

    waiting for sunshine, to

    (c) Neetu.
  15. Tales From The Drunk #3

    Back by personal opinion, the series I love the most is here once again to shock and awe.

    To be clear: I am drunk. I've been drinking more in the past six weeks than I have in six months. My faculties are impaired. Many of you who know me, even in passing, know me as the drunk guy who curses a lot.

    Lately I've been putting myself to shame. I had an incident occur where I blacked out, passed out, blacked out again, and woke up in a random place. Shit like that only ...
  16. Exposition

    Amateur Advice...as in advice from an amateur...

    If you have new concepts in your story, or new things, you might be able to cut down on the lines of text dedicated to describing or explaining it by drawing a picture. People tend to take in words differently and so text can be imagined in a number of different ways other than you mean it. This is why additional lines of text would be used to narrow in on the authors intent.

    Also, if you want to expose on something related ...
  17. What Is Truth

    Truth is a shadow
    A thing that stands there and mocks you
    Smiling at you
    Watching you
    Act out who you think you are
    Speaking about what you think you know
    It doesn’t say anything
    It just watches you go on…
    Blow on…
    And when you finally die
    It’s there
    Still watching
    Still mocking
    Two forms in a hall of nothing
    There’s no sound or movement
    Just a fool and his shadow
  18. Fears

    You grow up hearing about the people’s of the ancient and the old world who pioneered the wonders of the physical and the cerebral. As a grown up you hear of people half your age who made great leaps of discovery or built incredible structures from what seems like the equivalent of a penny and thread. The wonder part, I imagine, cones down to a sense of correlation. They did what seems to be impossible...or impossible for us, but I’m wondering.

    You ever just stop in the middle of the ...
  19. Publication - The Silent Step in October Hill Magazine's Winter Issue

    by , January 10th, 2018 at 08:01 PM (Scraps of Who I am)

    Updated January 11th, 2018 at 05:45 AM by Neetu

  20. A wedding...

    I turned as the orchestra, began to play the traditional march. There she was; walking sedately down the isle of white backed chairs. My heart skipped a beat as I looked at her, she was perfect. Her brown hair was caught at the nape of her neck, with a couple of loose curls framing her elfin face. Brown eyes shone with unshed tears as she gripped her father's arm.With each slow step, she came closer, nearer to becoming my wife, I realised as I watched enraptured in her beauty. Her dress was white ...
  21. Coffee at Sally Ann's.

    I've been meaning to go there since I don't know when and today I finally stepped over the threshold.

    Church Street might as well be renamed Sally's. As you walk to the end of the High Street in Stugely on the left hand side heading southwards you come to a small cafe' that rounds the corner of High Street and Church. Walking along Church Street, without crossing over, there is a small electrical shop, a cheap shoes shop and then you come to Sally Ann's. This too rounds ...

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  22. Something good?

    Some may remember a preacher some years ago that claimed "Send me 20 bucks and something good will happen to you!" Or something like that.

    That's B.S. of course, but I got to thinking well this new year maybe I'll accidently have a run of okay luck if nothing else.

    That old saying if it weren't for bad luck I'll have no luck at all. Any way it started with a gift of $500 from my eldest brother, Jack, who passed last year. This would be classified as "mixed." ...
  23. My Only New Year's Resolution

    It's pretty simple. More focus.

    I tend to be distracted really easy when it comes to anything other than taking notes about the thing I want to write. I tend to get bogged or wrapped up in other peoples fictional or fantasy creations, or get wrapped up in other peoples ideas, and don't really spend that much on refining my own.

    A while ago a lady dared me to write my first page. It was...all right...but I think she might have been hiding a wince. It did feel good to actually ...
  24. Jodie Foster Slams Superhero Movies

    I came across this article...


    It basically says that Jodie Foster thinks that Super Hero movies are destructive to the human race. She's been met with a pretty negative reaction on that. And, wow, I can now see how an older person feels watching a willful youth charge down the wrong path in life despite ...

    I will be returning to the internet at my earliest opportunity. I kind'a missed this place, so I'm definitely going to be returning here. I'm more focused creatively than I've been in over a year, and it's showing in my music and lyrics.

    Inspiration tends to find me almost every day, even when I don't have a medium to explore the depths of the creativity boiling inside of me. I feel refreshed in a way.

    I will attempt to write some shit and post around the forum again, but ...
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