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  1. Where I Am

    This guy at the shipyard was wearing the same shirt as me the other day. We both had a distressed US Marine logo t-shirt. He didn't notice me, but I noticed him.
    I'm a bad person. I'm judging by appearances. But the guy wearing my shirt was a long, long way from his fighting-fit Marine days. His spare tire came off of a semi truck. Genetics were not his friend, either, as his bald head glowingly broadcast.
    Schadenfreude? Yep. I'm (kinda) ashamed to admit at that moment I was ...
  2. It's all in the mind...

    MY MIND, probably, but as I look out from my little upstairs box-room window;

    Everything, the colours the lines and the shapes of all that I look at all seem so......... I don't know......sharp, vivid,,,, stark I suppose. Yes, sunshine is sunshine whatever the time of year but Autumn seems to bring everything into focus. It's as though everything, my garden fence, and the ornaments, are all bracing themselves, for the months ahead.

    Don't mind me, I'm just old, and bored. ...
  3. Neighbors


    The guy next door was out walking a new puppy.

    Cute doggy, but that's another checkmark against him. What happened to the other one? There was another dog they had, and I remember he was a runner.

    There's something wrong or lacking with those who can't train a dog. I may be a bastard for saying that, but that's what I believe. If you can't train a dog to not bolt, don't have a dog.

    He came at me with some crap about blocking the road , illegal ...
  4. Guilty


    My thumbnail hurts. Boo....hoo.

    It's pretty. The dead part that you trim off is a 'T' shape. That's because I split it with a razor knife a few weeks ago. I keep catching it on things.

    How pathetic. Lol. Considering the real suffering. For instance... I woke up with a stomach ache last night. I'd eaten too much. We'd gone to an expensive restaurant, and though I'd attacked my meal, about halfway in I was stuffed. I didn't clean my plate. And then, about ...

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  5. sex in the park

    by , October 13th, 2018 at 05:50 PM (Each n every day)
    on my way to the gym i have to walk through the park..an today i noticed a guy running full pelt and further away a woman was smacking her dog on the back end with her lead as it was mounted on a poodle..when the guy got there woman was very sorry but her dog looked to have enjoyed his brief encounter with a bit of whipping...both dogs were of the lead and there are signs everywhere saying dogs should be on a lead and now i know why...
  6. So, I just got out of prison.

    Life has an interesting way of taking the gas out of your balloon. Last year I spent 40 days in prison, 37 days in one and three days in another.

    This time around I only pulled 21 days; 18 in one and three in the other.

    It's funny, I got R.O.R. on my third day in the first one and the fuckers took 15 days to pick me up just to see a judge. Three days later, I got out on unsecured. I'm 150 miles away from home atm, and I have a bus scheduled for 7:30 AM tomorrow morning ...
  7. Something I always fancied doing...

    I've always, for as far back as I can remember, fancied walking around the coast of Great Britain. If, I often think, still had my health and strength when I retired, but the more I think about it the more daunting it I think it would be. I mean in GB? With our climate? Society in general? Just finding somewhere to sleep every night. Clean clothes etc. A logistical nightmare.

    Could make for one helluva diary though. I love that thought.
  8. Horror, Fiction, and Humanity

    The unsettling nature of a good horror movie is something that seems almost like the Holy Grail of movies- extremely rare and extremely rewarding. To date, I can't remember any movie that really ticked the horror box for me. The last one I could remember that was genuinely terrifying to me was "The Exorcist".

    But horror and fiction? Now that's a lovely pair.

    I like Stephen Kings work. I like the fact that he's not necessarily flamboyant with his horror. His horror ...
  9. So Many Voices

    Do you ever get the feeling like you aren't alone in your own head? Like no matter what you do to get away there is always someone or something else inside with you? I got diagnosed with Split Personality Disorder when I was 7 years old. They say it was because my best friend's mother abused me and I created another personality to deal with it but I don't really know what caused it. It's always been there, for as long as I can remember.

    He's been in the back of my mind controlling my ...
  10. Everyone Hates Chris

    It's not his fault. None of it.
    A lot of folks want to blame Christopher Columbus for every evil action and deed in the Americas since 1492. For you folks, grow up.

    First off, bad stuff happens. It just does. It happened in Europe, and it happened in the Americas before and after Chris and his gang landed.
    Were things better or worse after all the Europeans started expanding and exploiting? That's a mixed bag. But Columbus simply opened the door.

    And if ...

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  11. Bzzzz...


    The fan makes noises.

    The time between awake and asleep, it comes after and before.

    This time is before. Sleep is coming.

    The fan is singing. I'm at that point. The fan is music. Faraway radio under-toned, under the buzz. I can't hear the words, I don't know the tune. I listen for it. It's there, but not quite.

    My eyes are closed. Sleep is coming.

    Scenarios playing, visions. I drop out of one, a logical dead ...
  12. Time Travelers

    We sometimes believe we see time travelers...

    Sometimes we want to be time travelers...

    But aren't we all time travelers?

    Some may go fast and some may go slow, but we all move with the flow of time.

    Isn't it funny how those who want to go back in time create so many problems for those in the future, and those who go into the future are able to see the problems that resulted from the past? It's almost as if, in a subtle way, the stories of time ...
  13. The Image in the Mirror

    Quote Originally Posted by Ian View Post
    The Image in the Mirror

    It was an imposing mirror, with gilded framing and shaped like a large emerald stone, which fitted well into the front room. It was this that made my mother buy it at the auction.

    On that afternoon, I happened to glance at the mirror, and from the corner of my eye I saw something that shook me up. I could make out a girl’s face. I stood there wide mouthed for a few seconds and for a moment my mind went blank. Was I having some kind of hallucination?
  14. My fading sight, a field test, and hope.

    I'm now well north of sixty and have needed glasses for quite a few years now. Yeah, so what? Big deal. I have this double vision thing going on. Not horizontal but vertical. I see two images but one below the other. When this first occurred I was told by a hospital consultant that my optician would be able to give me glasses that would, with the aid prism lenses, correct the double vision. Only they haven't, not really, and I've just got on with things.
    Well? At the turn of the year I went ...

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  15. Tuesday Morning


    Woke up this morning without coffee. I decided not to brew it.
    I went on the iPhone.
    It's my tv.
    The channels were mostly bland.
    I shared about someone who'd died though I'd never heard of - 'Ar-teest'.

    Cancer comes, and goes, and comes.
    It took him.

    He was only a few years away.
    I have to go work now.
    Let it not be another Monday.

  16. The Righteousness of the Raging Moderate

    We all believe in something. Maybe a few somethings. You know you do. We all do.

    So, why are there so many folks that proudly profess their "open-mindedness"?
    Well, because the opposite of that is closed-mindedness. That's sounds ignorant, arrogant and exclusionary. And that is not you.

    But if you truly believe in something, why maintain this front of "keeping an open mind"?

    Sorry. I come from a different world view. ...
  17. The Philosophy of the Decision: Thanos and Gamorah

    Quick intro...

    Thanos is basically an interstellar tyrant who has been moving across the universe enacting his idea of balance by reducing the populations of existence by half wherever he goes. He, apparently, is trying to realize this ambition for all of creation. I guess he figured out there's no way he's going to accomplish this in his lifetime leap-frogging from galaxy to galaxy, so he seeks tokens of power called the "Infinity Stones". They're supposed to give a person ...

    Updated September 30th, 2018 at 09:53 PM by kaminoshiyo

  18. Feeling froggy.


    I had a frog in my shoe.

    No, seriously... I went to put on my riding shoe, and something moved. It was not scorpions ( I'm sure that was your first thought; mine too...) or a large moth (about that size, shape) but a small tree frog.

    * Boink-* and he was gone, somewhere inside my truck.

    I felt bad. You see, I had driven somewhere far to go riding. I'm sure he was from my yard (...had to be) as I had right-before leaving retrieved my shoes ...
  19. supreme court

    I am so disgusted today by the circus of the Judiciary Committee Hearings regarding the allegations of Judge Kavenough sexually assaulting Dr. Ford. I know that this is an extremely complicated situation, but I wish the senate could have avoided these public hearings. Dr. Ford didn't want to testify and Judge Kavenough lamented that it couldn't be taken care of behind closed doors. The implications for these two by-standards and their families will follow them for years to come. How fair has ...
  20. Choice as more than just a Powerful Word

    I was thinking today from daydreaming ideas on what it means to have a choice, and here is a short sort of profound post on why political policies should be studied from that standpoint.

    I always thought choice, was the magic word that had profound implications for freedom of will. If anything, to choose how to live and to choose maybe the reasons on why to live a certain way. Who determines that? No one does, that is why I think people should have choices to choose from. There are ...

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  21. No more...

    There's no more tears, a dried up well,
    your fool for years, living in hell.
    All those words and broken promises,
    sugared lies and empty dreams.
    Broken, defeated, alone inside my mind,
    silently banging on a prison wall I find.

    Ignored and hidden deep within,
    to those grand delusions did I cling.
    Numbness reigns inside my broken heart,
    Empty, dead, no more tears left to shed.
    Hesitant to voice my growing fears,
    this is the life ...

    Updated September 25th, 2018 at 09:27 PM by H.Brown

  22. White Boy Winston

    Or, AKA "Pink Like Me".
    But, I'm not white. Or pink. Or anything. I'm a friggin' person. One that resents labels.

    This month is another one of those "National Hispanic Heritage" month deals. My wife used to be Catholic. They have this silly calendar with all the "holy days' and "ordinary time". Well, with Identity Politics, they're all Holy Days now. Father, Son, and The Holy Pigment.

    I do look white. But my grandmother ...
  23. For a hovel of my own........

    Oh what I wouldn't give:

    For a hovel of my own.

    The word "hovel" :
    The word itself conjures up images of dirt,filth,living in squalor etc. it might, would probably, be little more than a dump.
    When I googled it I got this...... "a small, squalid, unpleasant, or simply constructed dwelling:"
    I like the second part of that definition.
    Small, maybe not quite so simply constructed I think, would suffice, but hidden, unseen, to be

    Updated September 23rd, 2018 at 09:14 PM by dither

  24. Hit Me In The Face Nicky Jam & J Balvin

    Do me favour everyone could you tell Nicky Jam and J Balvin to hit me in the face because I am black and gay, because i wanted to live a fantasy since I was seventeen and now I could not because of some Colombian Man wanting to hit me because I pissed him off in high school and now my whole family thinks I am messed up. I need help. I just wanted to be in the mainstream so please tell these famous Colombians that i am gay and I am proud of it. I am just a man from Canada that needs so attention ...
  25. Meeting death and Mr. Peril head on


    The best thing to do is to freeze, not panic.
    He may be running right at you, but you can't get away. He's faster than any human.
    He could tear an arm off.
    He can bench a lot, too.
    He drives a fast car, and it's very shiny.

    Maybe if you just... never mind;
    he would kill you, anyway.
    Perhaps a gun? That would do it.
    You could wing him if you're feeling generous.
    It's more than he would do for you.
    But then he ...

    Updated September 25th, 2018 at 01:33 AM by Kevin

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